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Telephone: 01304 821526

School Council

Welcome to our Smart School Council


Every child and every adult in our school is a School Council member, this means our council can represent the views of all our pupils and staff. It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community.

Survey: Our School Dinner Menu


A selection of children completed a meal survey to discover likes and dislikes throughout the school. All children eating school dinners completed a survey about the meals they currently eat Sept 2020. The school dinner menu has been changed using the survey information, to create a better school dinner menu, started Jan 2021.


New School Dinner Menu!

Question: How could we make our school environmentally friendly?


The following options were gathered by the school council members for the whole school to choose from:


  1.  Paper, food and recycling bins around the school
  2.  Reminders to turn lights off when not in use
  3.  Finding ways to reduce plastic waste
  4.  Plant more trees
  5.  Other - please specify


The school council members are currently investigating the chosen option: 1. paper, food and recycling bins around the school.


Each class now has a recycling bin!