We are looking forward to a great term 5 and will keep you updated on any news and events.
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Tuesday 12th January

Literacy Challenge.

We would like you to think about other animals that you might find on a farm. Draw a picture of these animals and have a go at labelling them. Look at the photographs below of Mrs Mounts animals. you might want to draw and label these. Remember to use your phonics to help you sound out the words. 



Here are some pictures of Mrs Mounts farm animals.

Maths Challenge

The farmer has been collecting eggs from the chickens nests. Look at the pictures of the egg boxes below and add the eggs to find out how many there are altogether.



It is important to exercise whilst we are spending time at home. Follow the link below for a yoga session on the farm!


Yoga Time! | On The Farm | Cosmic Kids


The farmer is going to make scrambled eggs for breakfast. Look on your 'To Do's' on Purple Mash to read the instructions. Have a go at making some scrambled eggs.


Have a look at your 'To Do' lists on Purple Mash. You will be able to choose to read some of the schools phonic books. There is also an 'Animal' reading task to complete.


Phonics ng

Still image for this video
This video is all about the sound ng

Phonics ee

Still image for this video
This video is all about the sound ee.

Phonics oo

Still image for this video
This video is all about the sound oo.

Week 2 Home Learning Challenges

Monday 11th January.


Good Morning everyone. We hope you had a good weekend! This week we are going to continue to use the story, 'The Little Red Hen' for our home learning challenges and tasks. Each day there will be a new Literacy and Maths task for you to complete. Remember you can share your learning with your teacher using Evidence for Learning or by emailing them. 



This week we are going to be using a story map to help us retell, 'The Little Red Hen.' A story map has pictures that help the children remember the key parts of the story. Show the children the story map below and read the story to them, (open the word document). Encourage them to point to the pictures as you are reading and encourage them to help retell the story.

As your child becomes more confident they will be able to use the story map independently.

The children can have a go at drawing a story map using the one below to help them.





The Little Red Hen Story Map.

Maths Challenge


The Little Red Hen has been laying eggs in her nests. She laid 6 eggs altogether. She laid some in nest one and some in nest two. How many different ways could she have laid the eggs in the nest?


Draw and colour the Little Red Hens nests. Draw and cut out 6 eggs. How many different ways can the eggs be in the nests? Look at the pictures below to help you.

You could take photographs of your learning or draw pictures. You could record your findings using number sentences like in the pictures.



How many different ways could The Little Red Hen lay 6 eggs across 3 nests?


Look at the pictures below and read the sentences. Remember to say the sounds and blend them to read the word. Ask a grown up to help you if you find it tricky. Practise writing some of the words or the sentences.



Still image for this video
Here are three phonics lesson videos for you to learn from. I set a challenge in the video and look forward to seeing your response to the challenge!

sh sound

Still image for this video
The first video is the ch sound, next is sh and then it is th.

th sound

Still image for this video

Home Learning Challenges - Week 1

During the next 2 weeks we will be reading the Traditional Tale, 'The Little Red Hen'. You can share the story with your child following the link below.

You Tube


In the story the Little Red Hen asks the animals on the farm to help her. The animals are not very kind. We have set you some challenges to complete this week about the story. We look forward to seeing your learning.


Challenge 1 - Draw a picture of the animals in the story and label them. Can you say the sounds? For example, say the sounds in hen - h...e...n. Say the sounds in dog - d...o...g.  Say the sounds in cat - c...a...t. Say the sounds in duck -


Challenge 2 - Make puppets of the animals in the story. You could draw them, cut them out and use card or a stick to make them in to puppets. Use your puppets to retell the story. How much of it can you remember?


Challenge 3 - Make a farm for the animals in the story. You could use Lego, wooden blocks or even cardboard boxes. 


Challenge 4 - The animals in the story are not very helpful or kind. Can you help your family with jobs at home. For example you could make your bed each morning or tidy away your toys.


Challenge 5 - At the end of the story the Little Red Hen makes some bread. Make some sandwiches for your family. What are their favourite sandwiches?

Follow these instructions.

1. Butter the bread.

2. Add the fillings.

3. Make the sandwich.

4. Cut it in half.

Have a go at writing the instructions with some help or you could draw pictures.


Maths Challenge Cards

The maths challenge cards are short activities that can fit into your day and will help your child see maths as fun. You can repeat each activity as many times as your child wants to. Feel free to change the ideas to suit your child's interests and what you have in your house. Your child can record their findings either using pictures or numbers. 


Week 1

Challenge 1 - Do you have any toy animals in your house? Can you count them? Can you sort them into different groups? How many animals do you have in each group?

If you don't have toy animals you could use your teddies.




Home Learning Books


You can choose which tasks you would like to do and there is no set date for the home learning to be handed in. Please keep the book at home and if you would like to share home learning with their teacher send a photograph using the class emails.

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