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Foreign Languages at Whitfield Aspen School. French is our main language of choice. The children in Years 3 to 6 enjoy weekly French lessons with our specialist teacher, ensuring good progress across the years and providing a solid foundation of linguistic competence to stand them in good stead when they start secondary school. The language is taught in a fun and lively way, through games, songs, interactive activities and stories. The children also have the opportunity to become familiar with a different country and culture.


Year 6 Penpals come to visit! June 2019. Year 6 were very excited when their French penpals came to visit! They have been corresponding over the last year and were finally able to meet.

The French children arrived at lunchtime and, once they had found their penpal, they all enjoyed a picnic together on the field. Gifts were exchanged then the afternoon was spent playing benchball or drawing portraits and getting to know each other. It was wonderful to hear our children putting into practice the French they have been learning over the last 4 years. The time passed all too quickly but it was a wonderful experience for the children to meet friends from a different country and find all sorts of ways to communicate.


2019 - A Taste of Italian! Year 5 were highly surprised when Mrs Avery came in for their French lesson ... and started speaking Italian! The children in Weasels and Wombats are going to have a crash course in this wonderful Latin language over the next term, when they can choose what they topics they will learn and have fun speaking yet another different language. 


Year 6 Pen Pals. Year 6 were very excited at the beginning of the year to receive some letters from their French penfriends. They couldn't wait to reply and they wrote some very impressive letters back in their best French telling their new friends about themselves and their families, their pets and their favourite hobbies. They are now looking forward to meeting their pen pals when they come to visit for the day in June.


June 2018 - Our French pen-pals come to visit! Earlier this term Year 6 finally got to meet their French pen-pals. They had been exchanging letters during the year and on June 5th the French students spent the day here at Whitfield Aspen School.

The day started with the children meeting their penfriends and they stayed together as they enjoyed participating in a carousel of activities. The weather was on our side so they were able to spend lunchtime on the field, playing football, doing gymnastics and really getting to know each other. It was lovely to hear our pupils trying out their French and gaining confidence as the day progressed.

To complete our day, we gathered in the Hall where each school sang a song and squash and biscuits were provided by WASPFA before saying farewell to our new friends. Some tears were shed but hopefully some of the children will stay in touch!