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Telephone: 01304 821526

Special Resource Provision

Aspen, a specialist provision for children with Profound, Severe and Complex learning Needs (PSCN) at Whitfield Aspen School 


Whitfield Aspen School is a combination of a mainstream primary and a Specialist Resource Provision for pupils with an EHCP who have identified Profound, Severe and Complex Learning Needs (PSCN). Please note that children can only attend Aspen if they are placed here, through the SEND department of KCC. The school benefits from resources to support the learning and sensory needs of all our pupils. The children access:  


  • Close working links with NHS therapists: Physio, OT and Speech and Language. 

  • Access to mainstream classes: full time, part time, subject specific or fully inclusive activities such as assembly, playtimes in a fully personalised way.  

  • Sensory Integration expertise from a qualified teacher 

  • Class support for children with communication needs from a school-funded Speech and Language therapist. 

  • Outside and indoor sensory play areas 

  • Hydrotherapy pool to support physical and sensory needs 

  • Lunch time teacher to support the play and social opportunities at the unstructured times of lunchtime play. 

  • Access to a range of off-site learning opportunities to support and scaffold children’s understanding of the world around them, including: horse riding, Tesco, Wingham bird park, The farmers market, Wildwood, beach school, Brockhill Park and the Coastal Park.  


In September 2021, the school opened our Richmond Site as part of the expansion of the school. The upper school (Mainstream Yr. 4, Yr. 5, Yr.6 and KS2 pupils on the SRP roll) are based on the new Richmond site. The lower school (Mainstream EY, Yr.1, Yr2 and Yr3 and KS1 pupils on the SRP roll) will continue to be based on the current Mayfield site.  


The children on the Specialist Provision roll are placed in one of the 14 needs-led classes of mixed year groups. Each class of 10-14 children, is led by a fully qualified class teacher. There are 4- 6 TAs in each class depending on the needs of the children and the number of children in each class. The learning in each class follows at least one of the 4 Curriculum Pathways.  


Pathway 1

The children on this pathway, learn through the Engagement Model of the 5 Lenses of Engagement:  


  • Realisation 

  • Exploration 

  • Anticipation 

  • Persistence 

  • Initiation


This enables teachers to assess pupils’ engagement in developing new skills, knowledge, and concepts. The teachers plan for and assess children's progress towards their EHCP outcomes. Children work towards personalised learning outcomes and the sensory-based curriculum is carefully planned to ensure the children are challenged and engaged.  


Pathway 2: 

Children on Pathway 2 learn through meaningful, playful, and usually cross-curricular activities with an emphasis on 'real world' learning including off-site learning.  This pathway is built on the values and delivery of the Early Year’s foundation stage and early childhood development. The children's EHCP targets are embedded into their curriculum so that children have multiple opportunities to develop these areas throughout their school day.    


Pathway 3:  

Children on this Pathway can access a mixture of skills-based and academic, adult-directed learning. Wherever possible, learning opportunities are based on real-life and meaningful experiences, providing a purposeful context for the children to develop their life skills.   


Pathway 4: 

Children follow the National Curriculum supported by the Chris Quigley Essentials Curriculum. The children on Pathway 4 are in the mainstream classes supported by adults who are trained to support children with complex learning needs.  


 If you would like your child to be considered for a place in our specialist provision, we recommend that you speak to your child's SEN (Special Educational Need) Assessment and Placement Officer within the KCC SEND department. We recognise the importance of parents being able to make informed decisions about their child's education and therefore we invite parents to visit our school to see what we can offer.

Please contact the school office on 01304 821526 to make an appointment.