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Tiger Class

French menu winners

Jingles is free - Yay!!!

Last week’s Oscar winners for determination to reach their reading targets

Winners from the gymnastics competition

Grinch participating in a recreational activity - at Jingle’s expense

The Grinch has had a great weekend

Look who has appeared

Jingles - Thursday update

Making personalised Santa hats

Tiger class ready for Christmas Lunch

Wednesday - What is Jingles up to?

Science experiment - changing the state of matter by melting

Tuesday - Jingles antics

Monday - Jingles antics

1st task - naming the classroom Elf

The Elf left messages for the class to read

The Elf had fun last night

A Classroom Elf

A letter from Santa

Tiger Class got a special package delivered today

Mummy and Sarcophagus have dried from our Egyptian Day

Science experiment - Do gases weight anything?

Death Mask update - papier-mâché

ICT lesson - planning a podcast

Science experiment - Measuring the viscosity of Oobleck (cornflour and water)

Ancient Egyptian Day

Making pyramids!

Book of Achievement awards

This week’ winners

King Tut’s Death Mask being created

Sorting items into the three states of matter - solid, liquid and gas

Building a house by matching 6 times table answers

Conscious corridor for Rhodopis (Egyptian Cinderella)

This week’s Oscar winners

Remembrance Day - Class wreath

Ordering time periods

First Oscar winner for Term 2

Alarm system presentations to the class

Achievement Assembly