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Term 5

Animals 🐾

Term 5

This term we are focusing on engaging with a wider range of sensory materials, mark making using a variety of tools, developing an understanding of number and shape, creative tasks and exploring nature.

Our learning will be through the following themes:

* Our Pets 🐰🐹🐶🐱🐀

* Farm Animals 🐷🐮🐣🐴🐓

* Woodland Creatures 🦊🦉🦡🐿️🦔

* Minibeasts 🐛🦋🐌🐞🐜🪲

* Wild Animals 🐆🦒🐘🦁🐯🐵

* Polar Animals 🐧🐰🐇🐻‍❄️

Our Pets 🐶🐱🐭🐹🐰


We uncovered pictures of pets hiding under flour, matched pets to their homes, created paw cookies and experimented with different tools when mark making.

Farm Animals 🐴🦆🐷🐮


The children loved the small world farm. We added dry food to create pens for the different animals too. Peppa Pig playing in mud (chocolate angel delight) was a great hit too 😃.

This week we decorated sheep cakes.. they looked so good.

We had fun creating farm pictures and printed with toy farm animals.

We also sorted and counted animals.


woodland creatures 🦊🐰🦉🦡🐿️🦔


The children loved discovering woodland creatures hiding among the leaves, grass and twigs. We found: 🐿️🦔🦡🦊🦉🦌They also enjoyed using their senses to explore fresh rosemary and lavender.
We explored different ways of mark making this week - using a variety of tools and paint as well as non-messy fine motor. It was fun to push the paint inside the plastic cover, along the lines.

We created hedgehog sweet pizza, hiding jam and chocolate in the dough balls and used our fingers to pinch spikes on our hedgehogs.

Mini-beasts 🪲🦋🐛🦟🕸️🐜🕷️🪱

So much fun was had this week. We discovered insects hiding in the soil, uncovered Mini-beasts under the lentils - using a variety of tools to brush away the lentils and printed symmetrical butterflies 🦋 using different shaped blocks. We also threaded green and red grapes onto a stick to make caterpillars 🐛 and explored spaghetti worms 🪱.

wild animals 🦍🦓🦣🐆🦒🐘🦏


The children loved exploring all the different sensory tuff spots this week. We had a small world zoo with water for the elephants 🐘 and hippos 🦛, wild landscape made from coloured oats, a sensory safari as well as camels hiding in the desert 🐪. We have made chocolate spread monkeys 🙊 and bears, that looked so yummy. We also had fun walking the animals through paint to make foot prints and used coloured strips to make lion faces 🦁

Polar Animals - penguins and polar bears 🐧🐻‍❄️


This week we explored mark making with wet chalk, following the patterns in the penguin picture. Our tuff spot contained magic snow which felt very soft. We had great fun making polar bear pictures too using cotton wool balls and made marks in our flour tray with toy polar bears.

International Day - Jamaica 🇯🇲 


Today we all came to school dressed in the colours of the Jamaican flag 🇯🇲.

We listened to reggae music, created the flag using coloured tissue paper balls, explored musical instruments, joined in with non- messy painting of the Jamaican flag and buried Leatherback turtle 🐢 eggs in the sand.

We also decorated rice cakes with green, yellow and black icing 🧁