Sports Day for all mainstream classes, Panther, Chameleon and Eagle classes - Wednesday 29th June - information on parent mail and facebook
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School Learning

Term 3 Learning

The learning that will take place this term is: 


Maths:  2D shape, Fractions, Decimals, Statistics

Literacy Texts: 'The Pied Piper of Hamelin' By Michael Morpurgo

Science: Friction and Magnets

Geography: The Local Area

ICT: Creating Media

Art and DT: British Artists

PSHE: Family and Relationships

RE: Gods and Religion and Easter

PE: Confidance (Zebra Class)

Games: Netball (Giraffe Class)

French: Musical Instruments/Body Parts


Our Photos

World Book Day

Year 3 have been celebrating world Book Day by dressing p as their favourite book character and sharing their favourite books.


Today we walked to Whitfield Church where we were welcomed by Rev. Sean and his team of helpers for a Christingle celebration.  We learnt about the symbolism of each part of the Christingle and also sang some Christmas carols whilst our Christingles were lit.  It was a lovely way to remember why Christmas is celebrated and we are most grateful to Rev. Sean for inviting us to the church.

Visit by Dover Fire Engine

What an exciting start to the new term!  Today, Dover fire engine visited our school and we were able to look inside its lockers and learn all about the equipment which the fire-fighters use.

Fire-fighter Kim also gave a fantastic talk about fire safety at home.  She reminded us all to check we have smoke detectors in our homes. She told us that if we need to have a smoke detector fitted we can contact the fire service who will fit an alarm free of charge!  She also told us about the importance of having an emergency escape plan at home.  We regularly practise our fire escape plan at school, but do you have a plan so everyone knows what to do at home, if your smoke alarm goes off?  This is something we must all talk about at home with all members of our family.  

Robotic Workshop

Year 3 attended a Robotic Workshop held at the Richmond Site. This was their first visit to the new school! They had to follow a set of instructions to enable them to build a vehicle and then they were able to control it through a hand controller. They worked in teams so had to show good cooperation and perseverance skills to achieve a working model.

Coding Week

Giraffe Class have enjoyed trying out some coding this week.  They had to write computer code to make fish swim across a tank.  It was important to know the difference between left and right!

Samphire Hoe

Year 3 went to Samphire Hoe for a 'Stone Age' day.  We took part in two workshops.  Giraffe Class made a 'Rain dance', but fortunately it didn't work!  We also made a handprint cave painting, as well as learn how to grind down some chalk and charcoal to make some cave paint.  During the afternoon we went on an animal hunt and learnt how to use some stone age weapons.  We also prepared sticks to make arrows by stripping away the bark with stone age flints. After that, we learnt how to bend willow branches to make bracelets and necklaces.  Finally, the ranger, Iona, showed us how to make fire by creating friction with sticks.




Woolly Mammoths

To tie in with Recycling Week, the children have used milk cartons to make Woolly Mammoths. They had to follow a set of instructions in order to make them.


Afterwards, the children were set the challenge of using the bottom half of their milk carton to create a model of their choice using other recyclable or single use items. They were very creative!

Becoming Palaeontologists

In Science, Zebra Class became Palaeontologists for the afternoon. They had to extract 'fossils' (chocolate chips) from the surrounding 'rock' (biscuit). Great care and perseverance was needed to extract the 'fossils' without breaking them!


The children have been learning about Stonehenge and in groups, had the challenge of recreating Stonehenge out of Lego. They worked really well together and the task involved a lot of co-operation and perseverance.