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Our curriculum offers a framework for the large range of learners in the school.  We believe we offer aspirational and relevant Curriculum Pathways, that are based on the principles of high levels of engagement, a deep level of understanding and mastery of skills. 


The school’s curriculum offers equal accessibility for pupils with profound and multiple learning needs, as well as for the highly able mainstream pupils in the school.  This is reflected in our Learning and Teaching policy, developed by the teachers, which has been used to help teachers critically evaluate their practice. 


The following elements run through each Pathway: 


BAD –this is the language used throughout each Pathway to assess where children are in their understanding. 


B = Basic understanding of concepts with support and scaffolding. 


A = Advancing understanding of concepts with less support, emerging independence, problem-solving. 


D = Deep understanding of concepts, demonstrating ability to solve complex problems in a variety of situations. 


Continuous Provision – The organisation of curriculum content to provide ongoing opportunities for pupils to learn.  Teachers plan to allow repetition and regular revisiting of concepts to facilitate deepening of understanding. 


Cultural Experiences –These are opportunities planned throughout the curriculum to enhance and enrich language, alongside understanding of the wider world, thus enabling connections to be made. 


Overview of Pathways 


(click on corresponding star below for more details - currently under construction) 


• Pathway 1 (P1-P4):  Uses Engagement Model 

• Pathway 2 (P4-P8):  Uses Stepping Stones, based on principles of EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) curriculum, with additions for sensory and communication input 

• Pathway 3 (P6-Year 2 Expected):   Uses Chris Quigley (CQ) Depth of Learning tracker (Footprints and Pebbles) 

• Pathway 4 (Y1-Y6 National Curriculum):   Uses Chris Quigley Depth of Learning tracker (Pebbles and Milestones)