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Zebra Class

Picture 1

'The Wonder' Whole School Book Week

Zebra Class worked hard when we studied the book 'The Wonder' By Faye Hanson.

They produced some very persuasive letters addressed to Mr. Cook giving their ideas on haw the playground could be improved and the benefits that their improvements would have for the school as a whole. However, I am not sure how Mr. Cook will be able to fulfil all of their wishes especially the introduction of a theme park and a petting zoo!

In Art, the children also made some Dream Catchers which challenged some of their abilities to tie knots! However, their finished Dream Catchers looks great and are worth the perseverance that they had to endure to complete them.

Dream Catchers

Dream Catchers 1
Dream Catchers 2
Dream Catchers 3
Dream Catchers 4


Year 3 have had a lovely walk in the sunshine to Whitfield Village Church to  celebrate Christingle. Each child decorated an orange with symbols to represent the four seasons, all God's creations, the life and death of Jesus and a candle to show Jesus, the light of the world. This was followed by a prayer and a Christmas Carol.

Recreating Stonehenge!

In History we have been learning about how and why Stonehenge was built during the time of the Stone Age and Bronze Age. The children had a go at building their own Stonehenge out of biscuits! They had to use many of the skills that the ancient builders would have needed - patience, teamwork, determination and perseverance!


Making Woolly Mammoths

In literacy the children had to follow a set of instructions to make a Woolly Mammoth out of a milk carton. have a look at how they did!

Making Woolly Mammoths

Being A Palaeontologist!

In science the children have been learning about fossils. They have seeing how hard a Palaeontologist's job is by having to extract chocolate 'fossils' out of a Chocolate Chip Biscuit. It proved more difficult than they realised!

Being a Palaeontologist

Stone Age Day Trip

The children had a great day out to the Kent Museum of Life to learn about the Stone Age. They loved the different workshops and learnt about what life would have been like during the Stone Age era. 'Claw', the Stone Age man, was a particular favourite and they loved the names from nature that he gave them!

           Environment Week
Year 3 have been learning about the importance of remembering to 'Reuse, Reduce and Recycle' their rubbish in order to help protect our environment. They have also been focusing on ways that they can reuse plastic bottles. Have a look at the photos to see some of the learning that has taken place.