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Year 2 - Llama & Polar Bear

Welcome to Year 2!

Thursday 9th May


Hello Llamas and Polar Bears.....AND Mrs Parker-Gorman!

I could not believe my eyes when I looked at our class page, and saw a photograph of Jude halfway up the side of his house! He must have grown some super muscles taking part in Mrs Parker-Gorman's sports week! Perhaps he has found super hero powers?!! I can't wait to see what some of you have been doing.

At school, my key worker group did circuits today as well, so we are keeping fit like you too! Maybe you could make your own circuits at home too and ask your family to do them with you.

I must say, I am VERY proud of you Polar Bears! Mrs Parker-Gorman says your work on Purplemash has been excellent and she is very impressed. I do look at it as well and will choose some pieces of work to put on the display board on Purplemash.

Well keep well everyone. Keep working, keep fit and keep active!

From Mrs Carter

Wednesday 8th July 

Hello Year 2,

  I hope you are enjoying doing your sports at home this week.  I wonder which sports you are doing?  I know some of you have been doing some cycling, and Jude has been doing some 'Chin ups' in his garden.  Don't forget to time for how long you do your sports, and put this information on the 'Sports sheet' on Purple Mash.  Enjoy your sports and keep active!

Monday 6th July

Hello Year 2.

We would usually be having our school Sports Day at this time of the year, so instead, we are going to have a 'Virtual Sports' week.  You can choose whichever sport, or sports, you would like to do.  Perhaps you would like to run laps of your garden or park, or you could set up an obstacle course.  You could do some skipping with a skipping rope, bouncing a tennis ball on a racket, bouncing on your trampoline or take part in a penalty shootout!

Whilst you are doing your sports, you need to time how long it takes you to complete your activity.  Send me your times, along with your name and house team name, on the 'Sports Week' sheet which I have sent you on Purple Mash.  I will add up all your sports minutes, and the house with the most number of minutes, will win the 'Virtual Sports' cup.

If you would like to send me some photos of yourself completing your sport activities, email them to me on:

I can post them here on our Year 2 page.  

Good luck and have fun whilst doing your sports activities.

                    Which house team will win the 'Virtual Sports' cup?



Thursday 25th June

Hello Year 2,

 I hope you are enjoying this beautiful day. Sometimes when we have very hot weather, it is followed by thunderstorms and that is exactly what is forecast for tomorrow! Some people do not like the noise during a storm, but some people find them exciting. I wonder whether you will enjoy the weather tomorrow?

This week you have all been doing some work about fractions. Sometimes it takes quite a while to really understand what fractions are about, but I had some very encouraging news from someone in Polar Bears who has tried and tried to understand fractions and now the penny has dropped - that means he gets it now! 

So, if you have some fraction activities, send some pictures and we can add them to this little slide show!

Look after yourselves Year 2!

Mrs Carter

Monday 22nd June


Hello Llamas and Polar Bears. The weather forecast says it is going to be a very warm and sunny week, so I expect some of you will be splashing around in your gardens in a paddling pool, or maybe visiting the beach to cool down. Some of you may be out helping in the garden like Brandon. This weather will help your plants grow, especially with a bit of water too!

Last week some of you made your own lollipops, which will really help you keep cool. Here is one more, which was designed and created at the end of last week.

Enjoy this lovely weather all of you!

From Mrs Carter

Thursday 18th June

Hello again Year 2.

Lots of you have been busy making lollipops, and you have come up with some great ideas.  I have put some recipe work which I have received so far, onto our Llama Class Noticeboard, so you can all have a look at the recipes your friends have come up with.  You can find our class noticeboard on Purple Mash under the tab 'Sharing'.  Do have a look, and you could try out some of your friends ideas.  

I have also received some emails this week telling me about some of the things you have been doing at home.  It is always good to hear that you are keeping busy and learning in lots of different ways.  Brandon has been building some raised beds with his dad, in the garden, and growing some vegetables.  He has also made a delicious cheesecake with his mum.  He has sent me some photos which I thought you might like to see:

Tuesday 16th June

Hello Year 2. Well I promised to show you the lollipop designs that were sent in and here they are. I was very impressed and I will be trying some of these recipes myself. So a big WELL DONE to the children who made such tasty lollipops! The lollipop designs were unique and it just goes to show that with a bit of imagination you can create wonderful things.


If some of you are planning to do some later in the week, just email them and we can put those on here another day.


I know that some of you have been cooking and baking other things, so spot who has made a different thing. I did also notice that maybe one or two people may have had a visit from the Tooth Fairy!


Well done again! Keep being creative all of you!


From Mrs Carter


Monday 15th June

Welcome to another week of home learning, Year 2.

What a lovely sunny weekend we have had.  I hope you have been able to enjoy playing outside or going for some walks.  It is always a good idea to keep your eyes open, and see what you can spot.  I was certainly surprised by something which I found in my garden, yesterday. 

I was busy doing some weeding and tidying up around some plants, when I noticed first one, then two, large flying insects.  They were, in fact, resting on a honeysuckle plant, and I couldn't believe my eyes.  I took a photo of what I saw:

Do you know what these creatures are?

I guessed they were moths, but I had to do a search on the internet to find out what kind of moth they were.  I discovered that they are Eyed Hawk Moths.  Apparently, they are quite common, but I have never seen one before.  I was surprised how big they are.  I found a ruler, and measured the length between the tips of their wings.  It was about 7cm.  

So now I am keeping my eyes open to see if I can spot any more!


Have you had a look at your Purple Mash tasks this week?  Mrs Carter and I have set you a challenge to design and make your own lollipop.  Let your imagination go, and come up with your own unique flavour.  If you can, make the lollipop first, then you have a recipe card to complete on Purple Mash.  If you want to send us any photos by email, please do.  We would love to be able to post your pictures here on our class page.


Don't forget the school summer challenges which you can also have a go at trying. Here is a quick link to the page on the website where you can find out what you need to do:

You can send pictures to Wombat class email, or if you prefer, send them to me or Mrs Carter, and we will forward them on.

Well done to everyone who is continuing to work so hard at home.  You are doing a super job.  

Best wishes to you all,

Mrs Parker-Gorman.

Friday 12th June


Hello again Year 2. I hope you saw our message to you on Facebook. If you did not, we have a challenge for you for next week. You have done some wonderful work on Purplemash about the seaside : underwater mashcams, leaflets about seaside resorts and fantastic descriptions of the seaside using your senses. Well done! So we thought it would be good to make our own 'Summer of 2020' lollipops.


The Challenge


Design your very own lollipop. You will need to design it first by sketching, colouring and deciding on the shape - you may have lollipop moulds, or you may decide to use an ice cube tray, or an old, washed yoghurt pot. You can decide what shape your lollipop will be. Then you will need to prepare your ingredients. How you do this will depend on what ingredients you use. Remember to ask an adult at home to help with cutting or liquidising. 


To make this a interesting challenge, remember to design first, then list what you need, look for the equipment you will need and show how you made your lollipops - you could draw or take photos. If you are unable to actually make your lollipops, we would still like to see your designs!


When you have finished, enjoy!!! Send your photos to your teacher and we will put them on our class page, here, during the week for everyone to admire!


On Monday and Tuesday next week, we will put less work on Purplemash, so you have more time to do your lollipops!


Here are some pictures to give you some ideas. Have fun!


From Mrs Carter and Mrs Parker-Gorman



Thursday 11th June


Hello Llamas and Polar Bears. I hope you are all well and keeping yourselves busy. It is nice to see you doing your work on Purplemash and your other activities, which some of you have sent pictures of to your class emails, which Mrs Parker-Gorman and I look at regularly.


I would just like to remind you where you can see your work : on your own class Purplemash display board (teachers put this on), on your own class blog, on the science blog or DT blog (you can put your own pictures on the blogs or teachers can if you ask).  


Some of you have already been putting pictures and comments on the blogs. If you can, have a look. Your friends would be so pleased if you left a message for them about their activities!


From Mrs Carter



Tuesday 9th June

Good afternoon, Llamas and Polar Bears.

I want to share with you some super pictures which Ashten in Llama class has sent me.  He has had some duck eggs incubating at home, which have now hatched.  He sent me these photos which I thought you would like to see.  First of all you can see the eggs in the incubator, where they are kept warm.  Next, the ducks begin to hatch.  You can then see the little fluffy ducklings, which grow and become more adventurous!  The last photo shows what the ducks look like now.  It must have been very exciting watching out for the ducks beginning to hatch.  I wonder if Ashten has named his ducks.  What names would you give them?



I have put these pictures onto the Purple Mash science blog page, as well.  Do take a look at some of the things children and teachers have shared.  It is very interesting to see what they have been doing.  You can also ask some questions.

I hope you are enjoying your Purple Mash work this week about the Seaside.  I have had some great work sent to me about using your senses at the beach, and also magazine articles about Bournemouth.  If you haven't had a look at your Purple Mash work yet, please make the time to do so, as I am sure you will enjoy the activities.


                                                Mrs Parker-Gorman

Monday 8th June


Good Morning Llamas and Polar Bears!


I hope you have all had a nice weekend and here we are another new week! It is lovely to see you getting on with your Purplemash work and also to hear of the other activities you are up to! Keep letting us know and we can put some pictures of what you are doing in our class blog. Keep working hard, we are very proud of you!


As you know, I have been out walking during lockdown. There are so many things to see! At this time of year the animals are very busy and you often see them out hunting, feeding and building nests. Can you remember what type of animals frogs and toads are? They have a special name. I have seen both and I had to do my own research to check what the difference between frogs and toads actually is. Here is a photo of the frog and toad I saw. Do you know which is which? What is the difference? Let me know on the Science blog on Purplemash


From Mrs Carter




Monday 1st June


Good Morning Llamas and Polar Bears!


I hope you all had a nice 'half term' break and a little break from your daily home learning tasks on Purplemash. Mrs Parker-Gorman and I will be putting work for you to do each day again and will mark it for you too, so keep checking your alerts!


If you look on the school website, follow the link , Mrs Tierney, Mrs Thornhill and Mrs Williams will be putting challenges for the whole school each week too.


Let's keep busy everyone and make sure we are all still learning - even the teachers!


From Mrs Carter

Friday 22nd May

Hello again Llamas and Polar Bears.

Do you realise that we have completed another term of home learning?  

Next week is our half-term break, so Mrs Carter and I have decided not to set you tasks on Purple Mash.  Hopefully the weather will stay sunny, so you will be able to spend some time outside.  However, don't forget you must still stay a safe distance away from people outside your own family.  You may be able to go to the beach or go for some walks in the countryside.  It will also be a good opportunity to play games in your garden, or try some cooking or art & craft activities.  Whatever you decide to do, we hope you enjoy the week, and we will be back in touch with some more fun learning tasks on Monday 1st June.  If you want to tell Mrs Carter or myself about some of the things you have been doing, we would love to hear from you through our class emails:


                                          Mrs Parker-Gorman

Wednesday 20th May

Hello Llamas and Polar Bears.

I have been really impressed with the work lots of you have been doing on Purple Mash.  I so look forward to seeing what you have done, and you have been really creative with some of the work you have sent me. 

Last week, I asked Llama class to find out about an author, and to complete a fact-file about that person.  It was really interesting reading about different authors, including Roald Dahl, David Walliams, Beatrix Potter and Julia Donaldson.  I have posted all your fact-files onto the Llama class noticeboard on Purple Mash, so do please have a look and see which authors different children chose to write about.

I hope you are doing lots of reading whilst you are at home.  Don't forget you can read books from the 'MyOn - Renaissance Online Reading Library'.  The link is at the bottom of this page.

Keep up the good work with your home learning.


                                             Mrs Parker-Gorman

Monday 18th May


Hello again Year 2. What a beautiful, sunny and warm day it has been! I hope you have been able to get outside and enjoy it. When the weather is nice it can make you feel happier, so I really hope the beautiful day has helped you smile today. 

As you know, I like being outside and like to care for my pets, so I am sending you some pictures today which I hope will put a smile on your faces. These little lambs are not my pets, but I see them on my walks and they ALWAYS make me smile.


Mrs Carter


Wednesday 13th May


Hello Year 2. Look who I met on my walk today! He was sitting in the middle of the path just looking at me. I think he was enjoying a bit of sunshine on his back, although it was quite chilly and windy again. This was next to a large pond, and when I sat and listened I could hear the frogs croaking to each other in the reeds. The frogs should have laid their frogspawn in the water in March, so there will be tadpoles swimming around in the water now. Can you remember the life-cycle of a frog? 

I wonder what animals you have noticed on your walks or in the garden?


From Mrs Carter

Tuesday 12th May

Hello Year 2.

Today is a special day.  It is International Nurses Day.  We all know what an important job nurses do and they should be particularly remembered and celebrated at this time.  We all know how hard they are working in hospitals around the world, caring for people who are ill. 

Today is the day chosen as International Nurses Day because it is the birthday of Florence Nightingale.  Do you remember what year Florence Nightingale was born?  I am sure you can remember why Florence Nightingale became so famous.  Thank goodness hospitals today are clean and well equipped, not like the hospitals in the Crimean War!

Have you been joining in with the 'Clap for carers' each Thursday evening?

Have you painted a rainbow to hang in your window?  If you haven't, then perhaps that is something you could do while you are at home.


From Mrs Parker-Gorman.


Monday 11th May


Hello Year 2! What a windy day it has been! The trees are full of lovely new leaves and along comes the wind and tries to blow them off! Well most have stayed firmly fixed to the trees, because it is Springtime and not Autumn, when we would expect them to drop. In a few weeks it will be Summer and there will be more changes to our weather and the world around us. I wonder what season is your favourite? Have a careful think. You could draw the things you like best in your favourite season and write why.

Keep yourselves busy children. Remember you can send your pictures to your class blog or simply write a message.


From Mrs Carter



Thursday 7th May


Hello again, Year 2.

I have had a number of children email me recently to show me photos of the work they have been doing at home, and also pictures of their bean seeds, which are growing into bean plants.  I am so impressed with the work lots of you have been doing at home, and I really look forward to receiving your work on Purple Mash, or via email each day.

Here are some pictures which some children in Llama class have sent me.  They may give you some ideas for things you could do at home, too.  


Monday 4th May


Hello Polar Bears and Llamas! I wonder what new things you have been investigating and learning about?

I have been learning all sorts of things about bees. My next door neighbour has five bee hives and her bees come and visit me sometimes when they are out looking for flowers to get their nectar.

The National Trust would like us all to follow their advice ''No Mow May!'' That means don't mow the grass during may, so that the wild flowers can grow and the bees have more flowers and food! Ask the grown-ups at home if you are allowed to look at this on your computer.

I have asked Mr.Sayer not to cut the grass outside Year 6 during May so the flowers can grow,and some children have made Scaremows to keep the lawnmowers away!

Have a look in the 'Science' folder on the school website; it is above 'Class Pages'. There are some lovely videos for you to learn more about bees.

Have fun!

                                              Mrs Carter


Pandora's Box

Llama Class have been given a writing task this week linked to the story of 'Pandora's Box'.  Here is a pack of materials which give you some extra activities to go with the story.  Both Llama and Polar Bear classes can have a go at completing the tasks.  You could either print out the booklet, and write on the sheets, or you could complete the activities on plain or lined paper, or type into a Word document.   I really liked the activity which asks you to make your own 'Pandora's Box' using an old box which you have at home.  You could make it really decorative, and put all sorts of things inside.  

When you complete the activities, it would be great if you could email them to your teacher, using the class email addresses:

You could email a Word document for written work, or a photo of your work if you prefer.

Have fun, and we look forward to seeing your work. 

From Mrs Parker-Gorman and Mrs Carter. 


Friday 1st May

Hello again, Year 2.

Have you noticed today's date?  Yes, it is the first day of May.  

Do you remember the Maypole dancing which we did when we were in school?

Maypole dancing is a tradition on May Day, the first day in May. It is believed to have started in Roman Britain around 2,000 years ago, when soldiers celebrated the arrival of spring by dancing around decorated trees, thanking their goddess Flora. These days dancers weave ribbons around a pole rather than a tree. That is why the pole is called a Maypole.

Mrs Carter and I would like to wish you a very happy May Day.


Mrs Parker-Gorman.


Thursday 30th April


Hello Year 2. Today was a special day for a very special person. I wonder if you have seen Captain Tom Moore on television this week? He is 100 years old today. Tom is so special because he wanted to help the NHS and the brilliant work they do caring for sick people. Even though he is very old he walked a long distance, slowly but surely, and has raised over £31m. Tom gives us all a message by doing this - that we should never give up and that we can all help each other, in our own way, no matter how old or young we are. 

I am sure you are being helpful at home. Maybe you are keeping your bedrooms tidy or being kind to your brothers or sisters? Keep up your efforts in all you do! Keep smiling like Captain Tom!


Mrs Carter

Tuesday 28th April

Hello again Year 2.  

      Well, what a difference in the weather today!  I expect you have had to spend most of the day indoors. What did you find to do?  I know some of you did some of your Purple Mash activities, because I have enjoyed looking at the work you have completed.  I expect some of you did some baking, and I know Rose in Llama class has been playing board games because she sent me a photo of a game she has made.  There is a picture on Llama class blog if you want to see what her game looks like.

Even if it is a bit wet, it is still good fun to go out for a walk.  Put on your wellies and enjoy jumping in some puddles.  My garden is very pleased to have some rain water to drink, and the farmers will also be happy that their crops are receiving some water.  

I will write to you again soon.

                                                Mrs Parker-Gorman


Monday 27th April


Hello Year 2! I have been thinking about what is different at the moment, what I miss and what I am actually quite enjoying! Well I miss all of you for a start! I miss the grown ups too and all the fun and routines of being at school. However, I am really enjoying having time to have a cup of coffee each morning with Star. She really has bad manners; she slurps and bites the cup, but she is never grumpy and always pleased to see me.

I wonder what you are really enjoying doing at the moment. Have a think about that. It would be lovely to hear from you on Llama's or Polar Bear's class blogs.

                                         Mrs Carter

Thursday 23rd April

Hello again, Year 2.

     Today is St George's Day.  Did you do anything to celebrate?  Some people put an England flag outside their house, or wore red, white and blue clothes.  

    Did you find out anything about St George?  

Click on the document above to read the story about St George and the dragon.  It retells how St George showed bravery trying to save the princess from the ferocious dragon.


Today is also a special day in the Royal family.  Prince Louis celebrates his 2nd birthday today.  Prince Louis is the youngest son of Prince William and his wife, Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge.  He was photographed making some lovely rainbow hand prints.

Perhaps you could have a go at making some rainbow hand-print pictures like these.


I will write to you again tomorrow.


                                      Mrs Parker-Gorman

Renaissance Free Online Reading Books


School may be closed but reading doesn't have to stop. Renaissance our Accelerated Reader provider is providing free access to 1000's of digital books through 'MyOn' their online reading platform. The link can be found below and can be accessed through tablets, computers and smart phones.


Keep up the great reading and have fun!

Below is the link for you to take quizzes on the books you have been reading at home. If you can't remember your login details just click on 'forgot user name' and then type in your surname and search.
The books you have at home won't have a quiz number inside them like they do at school so just type in the title of you book and you can search for the quiz this way.
We will log on regularly to see how well you are doing with your reading.
Have Fun!


Link to take you to accelerated reader so you can do book quizzes at home:    

Keeping Your Child Safe Online

Your child may well be using the internet more than normal during this time of school closure so it is important that they remain safe. Please take the time to follow the link below to complete the activities from 'thinkuknow' in order to reinforce online safety.

Thank you.