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Week 17th - 21st January

This week we are continuing our work on Seasons.


Have a look at this link:



Think about the word banks we wrote last week and the similes too. Remember a simile is when something is described as 'like' or 'as' something else; e.g.

Snow as white as cotton wool.


A summer's day that is hot like an oven


Can you write your own Seasons poem for a season of your choice? 


Can you draw your own trees for each season like this picture? 



Use this sheet or you can draw your own.


This week in Maths we will be continuing our work on Money.


Can you recognise all your coins? 


Try borrowing some money from someone at home or getting some money out of your money box.

Can you put the coins in order?

Can you match the number of pennies to each coin e.g. 5 pennies is the same as a 5p coin, 20 pennies is the same as a 20p coin etc


Now try these online money games:



You could make a shop using lots of things from around the house. Give each item a price and then practise making the correct money with the coins and notes you borrowed. If you are feeling super clever you could start trying to work out how much change you would get from a coin/note that is too large. See if someone at home will play shops with you, it's much more fun with two.