School is open only for critical worker and vulnerable/EHCP children. Home learning regularly updated on the class pages. Stay safe everyone.
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Wednesday 3rd February

Good Morning Everyone!

We hope you enjoyed the PE challenges yesterday. Exercising is a good way to get ready for our learning. There are 4 challenges in total. Choose another one of the challenges to get ready for todays home learning.

Have fun!


Literacy Challenge

Today we would like you to make puppets of the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf. You can then use the puppets to help you retell the story using the house you made yesterday. If you have toy farm animals you could use these instead. You can listen to the story again by going back to Mondays home learning just to remind yourself of the key story language. Have fun role playing with your puppets.

Maths Challenge

Today we are going to continue to learn about shapes. We would like you to find objects in your home that you can draw around. Can you find a square, circle, rectangle and a triangle? I found some tape, a plant pot and a Lego block to draw around. You can find different sized objects so that you have small and big shapes. It was a bit tricky finding a triangle so I cut the square in half. You might need a grown up to help you with this! We would like you to cut out the shapes and then use them to make different pictures. Look at the pictures below. Can you name the shapes and describe them. How many sides do they have? Are they straight or curved?

You might like this song about shapes to help you with your learning!

Shapes song for kids | The Singing Walrus


Keep practising your phonics each day. This will help you become more confident with reading and writing. Continue to watch Mrs Tingeys videos and use the games that we have shared with you.