We are looking forward to a great term 5 and will keep you updated on any news and events.
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Wednesday 13th January

Literacy Challenge.

Yesterday we asked you to think about different animals that you might find on a farm. Today we would like you to choose 3 farm animals to make up your own story of 'The Little Red Hen.' So instead of the dog, the cat and the duck you might choose a pig, a rabbit and a sheep. Look at the story map below.

You could use toy animals to create your story map instead of drawing them.

We look forward to hearing your stories. Remember you can upload these to Evidence for Learning so your teacher can see them.


The Little Red Hen Story Map

Maths Challenge - Taking away.

The toy animals are having boiled eggs for their breakfast. There are six eggs in the egg box. If one toy animal has an egg how many are left in the egg box? Encourage your child to speak in full sentences. For example, there are 5 eggs left in the egg box.

Your child could cut out paper eggs to represent this with their toys. They could also use pictures and numbers. Look at the example below.


You can use your toy teddies to help you with taking away. Can you draw the pictures and write number sentences to show how many eggs are left in the box for the photographs above?


Why not try boiled eggs for breakfast. What happens to the egg when it has been cooked. You could dip toast into your egg. Can you cut your toast into 6 pieces? Enjoy your breakfast.