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Lesson one - What melts ice the fastest?


For this lesson, you will need five ice cubes. 


Have a think about the changes of state the water has gone through to become ice. Can we get the water back from the ice? Is this a reversible or irreversible change? (I have attached a video if you're stuck)


If you were to boil a kettle, what happens to the water in the kettle? If you're allowed, watch what happens when a kettle boils. I have attached a further video which explains the process. 

Do you understand the difference between evaporation and condensation?


Using the resource sheet, we would like you to see which material melts the ice the fastest. Don't worry if you don't have all the materials on the list, you can always substitute an item. 

As with all experiments, consider what will happen before you start and observe what happens throughout so you can record your observations. 

Putting the ice cubes on individual containers, put the substance on the ice and measure how long it takes to melt the ice. Use a timer on phone to record the time.

You may want to consider doing one at a time to get better accuracy. 

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