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Subordinating conjunctions


Apologies, the link I have attached required a password, so I will provide a written explanation. This will undoubtedly come back up before the year is out and will repeated into Year 6.


  • Subordinating conjunctions can be found in sentences containing two clauses: an independent or main clause and a dependent clause.
  • The subordinate clause won't make sense on its own but will if written with the main clause.


We can remember it with the following acronym:

  • If
  • Since
  • As
  • When
  • Although
  • While
  • After
  • Before
  • Until
  • Because

When you see I SAW A WABUB, you are using a subordinate conjunction. They can be used in one of the following two ways:

  1. Following the main clause, e.g. Camp Green Lake sounds like a lovely place until you actually get there!
  2. Used before the main clause, e.g. Until you actually get thereCamp Green Lake sounds like a nice place. 

Do you see in the second version there is a comma keeping the two clauses apart. 


Have a try with the examples in the activity sheet. Complete the sentence first, then rewrite it so that the subordinate clause it at the beginning. Don't forget to add the comma in.