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Science - Circulatory System

This week's lesson will teach you all about the role of the blood, what it is made up of (yes there are actually useful things inside that red liquid) and the whole role of the circulatory system.


Please listen to ALL of the Oak National Academy lesson as it will require you to pause at certain points to copy out key sentences and a paragraph where you have to choose the correct word to go in the gap.


Please write this in you exercise book with the title:

The Circulatory System

L.I.  To understand the role of blood, the heart and blood vessels.


How does our circulatory system keeps us alive? | BBC Teach

This is the direct link for the video you should watch when the lesson asks you to pause at 3 mins (if you cannot work out how to find it on the worksheet within the Oak Academy file)

By the end of this lesson you should know:


  • The difference between arteries and veins
  • What elements are inside blood
  • That blood travels through the heart twice during 1 circuit of your body
  • Your heart rate increases when you do exercise to increase the supply of oxygen needed by your muscles.

Heart Dissection video below - you may want to look away if you are squeamish!

Still image for this video