Merry Christmas from all of us at Whitfield Aspen School! We hope you all have a lovely Christmas break and look forward to seeing you back at school on Tuesday 4 January.
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Week 3

Light and Shadows


What Makes A Shadow Dark?

This week we are going to be finding out why some shadows are darker than others.


For this you will need:

A torch (light source)

5 objects that are made out of different materials. Some must be see through (transparent) and others solid (opaque).


  1. A clear drinking glass
  2. A piece of coloured glass or coloured see through plastic (drinks bottle/wine bottle/beer bottle?)
  3. A glass which is clear but also has a picture/pattern on it (glass jar with label?)
  4. A solid object (tin of beans?)
  5. An object of your own choice



Shine your torch onto each object (keeping it the same distance from the object for all of them (fair test), and see what ‘colour’ it’s shadow is.

Record on the chart on the sheet.

Answer the questions explaining why you think some shadows look darker than others.

You Tube Clip

Watch the clip below to see how different materials can affect the shadows that they give.

Light and Shadows for Kids | Science Video for Kids | Kids Academy

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