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Week 4 Science - Variation and Inheritance.


Last week you researched how animals are adapted to live successfully in their environments.  We received some really detailed research from some of you.  Your task this week is to use 2 websites for information, to help build your understanding of how characteristics are passed from one generation to the other e.g. some people inherit their face shape from their father and long eye-lashes from their mother.  

Offspring often do not look exactly like their parents, think about the variation of colours in a litter of puppies or kittens. Here are some more examples:



Task to hand in via Purple Mash:  watch Emit, who you met last week, explaining inheritance from your parents before you complete this task.


What features have you inherited from your family members?  Remember that all your genetic information has been transferred to you via your mother and father.  However, some features of you may not appear in them, but they do in their parents (your grandfathers and grandmothers).  You can talk about your siblings (brothers or sisters) too, they may have inherited different features than you.