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Practical Science Week!


You will need: 


  • a transparent container
  • a potato
  • sugar/salt
  • water


Look at the picture below.  Discuss with your family members why the potato has not sunk to the bottom, risen to the top, but is floating in the middle.  Now watch the video below.


Now try this experiment yourself - you will have to experiment with the amount of sugar or salt you dissolve into your jug of water.  Start with 4 spoonfuls (stir thoroughly) then see if that is enough to make your potato float.  If not, add 1 more spoonful at a time.   Please send us photos if you are successful!


Next task - Watch the rainbow in a glass demonstration (video link is under the picture) to understand more about the density of liquids.  If you have food colouring at home, give this a try and send us photos of your rainbows too!


The technical bits...