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Monday 1st March 2021

L.I. To be able to identify how animals are adapted to suit their environment in different ways and that adaptation may lead to evolution.


Well done to those who submitted their fossil research, isn't it amazing that they can tell us about life from millions of years ago? 

For this week's learning - you need to understand the term 'adaptation'.  You need to watch the following videos and make notes in your exercise book, or in your own note book.  Your task will be explained further down the page.  - link 1, make sure you read the whole page please and try the 'Work out the animal from their adaptations' activity.

Then watch the follow very short video clips:

Adaptation in general: - scallop uses its speed to escape predators - seals’ ability to swim  – fire ants make a raft from their bodies – fire ants protecting its queen.


A song to learn (we usually get the class to make up actions too - see if you can learn it off by heart - warning, it's very catchy!!)

Camel Adaptation Song with Lyrics

This is the camel adaptation song.Please watch.Thanks

Your task is to research 1 of the following living things (in the pictures below) in detail and to write a paragraph explaining how it is adapted to survive. Please submit a photo of your work via your Purple