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Story Writing

Here's some writing, re-telling the story of goldilocks and the three bears.

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Picture 4

Healthy Eating

Here are some pictures of us making fruit kebabs. We are making fruit jelly in the afternoons too!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Visit to Whitfield Play Park

Here are some photos of us playing nicely together and helping each other learn to use play ground equipment.

Nursery Visit

We went to Whitfield's village hall and sung the song five little speckled frogs then showed the children our 'That's not my frog ... ' class feely book that we made. Here are some examples from the books.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

For cooking this term children have been making cookies.

Picture 1


The tadpoles have turned into froglets by growing legs.

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Picture 3

Hens laid some eggs

The children found eggs that the hens laid in school. Here are the children making scrabbled eggs with them.

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Picture 3

Forest School Fire

The children enjoyed learning about being safe around a camp fire. They roasted marshmallows and had some hot chocolate.

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Grass Seeds

The children planted grass seeds and patiently waited for it to start growing. They learnt about what plants need to grow.

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Easter Chocolate Nests

Children helped break a bar of chocolate in half and found out what we needed to melt chocolate. "hot, heat to melt it." "It goes hard when you put it in the fridge." "The cold makes it hard again."

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Easter Craft Morning

Thank you to parents who could come to our Easter Craft Morning. The children loved making and we hope you enjoyed the 'Billy Goats Gruff' songs performed by the children.


At forest school we found tadpoles in the pond and collected some to look after. We will see how they transform into a frog (up to 7 weeks from tadpole to a little frog). We also found a frog hiding under a boat and a spider that could walk on water.

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Picture 2

Our Hens

Chickaletta and Hetty.

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Picture 2

Whitfield Play Park Visit

We visited the play park as a treat for winning the 'Punctuality Panda'. The children learnt to play with others and take turns. As well as keeping ourselves safe when playing on park equipment.

Post Box Trip

Our visit to the post box to send our postcards from the south pole to our homes. Many of the children knew the road name and number of where they live.

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Picture 3

Thorny the Goat Visit

Mrs Mount brought one of her goats into school for us to learn about. His name is Thorny and we fed him some carrots and grass. He loves to eat and have his hair brushed.

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Picture 5

Character Dress Up Day

Character Dress Up Day 1

Lost & Found By Oliver Jeffers (World Book Day Book)

Lost & Found By Oliver Jeffers (World Book Day Book) 1 Tested a boat to see if it floats.
Lost & Found By Oliver Jeffers (World Book Day Book) 2 "It's cold, snowy and icy at the South Pole."
Lost & Found By Oliver Jeffers (World Book Day Book) 3 "Penguins have to have eyes."
Lost & Found By Oliver Jeffers (World Book Day Book) 4 "I made a boat." "This is the flag."
Lost & Found By Oliver Jeffers (World Book Day Book) 5 "It floats!"
Lost & Found By Oliver Jeffers (World Book Day Book) 6 "I put an engine in it."
Lost & Found By Oliver Jeffers (World Book Day Book) 7 "Penguins live in the cold"
Lost & Found By Oliver Jeffers (World Book Day Book) 8 "I made it all by myself."
Lost & Found By Oliver Jeffers (World Book Day Book) 9 "Snow for the penguins."
Lost & Found By Oliver Jeffers (World Book Day Book) 10 "Can I have a pipe cleaner for my umbrella?"


Pancakes! 1
Pancakes! 2
Pancakes! 3

Our Trip to Rare Breeds Centre

In Term 4 we will be covering the books, 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers for world book day and then the traditional tale 'Three Billy Goats Gruff'. Home learning for these are now available.

Term 3 Winter Home Learning examples:

Children used their Dear Farm plans to write their own story:
In maths children have been learning about 3D shapes (sphere, cone, cube, cuboid, pyramid, cylinder) and their properties. They loved finding objects around the school and naming the 3D shape.
Challenge: think of a name for the new chickens. Write it in your home learning book!
In maths children have been exploring weighing with balance scales and using the language heaviest. lightest and balance. They have used scales to weigh the correct amount of food to feed the chickens.

Scrambled Eggs & Bread Rolls

Scrambled Eggs & Bread Rolls 1
Scrambled Eggs & Bread Rolls 2
Scrambled Eggs & Bread Rolls 3
We have been learning the story Dear Zoo and planning our own story called Dear Farm. Here are some planning examples:
The children investigated the snow and played safely outside. 'We made a snowman' 'It's snowing'. Children worked together to build snowmen finding natural materials for eyes, nose, buttons and arms.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

It's Snowing!

Still image for this video
Mrs Mount's chickens came into school to visit the children and teach them some facts about chickens and how to look after them.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Here are some photos of the children visiting Whitfield Village Hall Farmers Market. Children found different products for sale and could name them.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

We have been learning about the story 'Chicken Licken'. The children have really enjoyed making up their own rhyming words for different animals, which has been the focus for writing.

In maths we have been doubling amounts. The children have been exploring doubling using farm animals.

"Double 4 pigs is 8 pigs altogether."

"Double 4 is 8"

"There are 4 pigs in a barn and 4 pigs outside. There are 8 pigs altogether."

Picture 1
Picture 2

Forest School Sawing Wood

Forest School Sawing Wood 1
Forest School Sawing Wood 2
Forest School Sawing Wood 3
Forest School Sawing Wood 4
During term 3 children will be visiting the Village Hall Farmers Market in small groups.

Making a Pizza

Making a Pizza 1
Making a Pizza 2
Making a Pizza 3
Making a Pizza 4

Reception Christmas Party

Reception Christmas Party 1
Reception Christmas Party 2
Reception Christmas Party 3

Christmas Jumper Day!

Christmas Jumper Day! 1
Here are some examples of 'Home Learning Tasks' completed in term 2. Thank you to everyone for supporting your child's learning.

Swimming Photos

Swimming Photos 1
Swimming Photos 2
Swimming Photos 3
Swimming Photos 4
Swimming Photos 5
Swimming Photos 6
Swimming Photos 7
Swimming Photos 8
Swimming Photos 9
Swimming Photos 10
Swimming Photos 11
Swimming Photos 12
Thank you to all parents who could attend our Christmas Craft morning. Here are some photos:

In phonics the children have learnt the diagraphs ch, sh, th, ng, ai and ee. In maths the children have been learning about adding (finding the total), How many do we have altogether? In literacy children have been learning about the story 'Stickman'.


We have now started learning the songs for our Christmas Nativity.


Now that it is getting colder, please ensure that your child has warm clothes for outside play at lunchtimes. Every item needs to have your child's name written inside.


Christmas Craft morning on Tuesday 4th December starting at 9:00 till 11:00.

Reception Christmas Nativity on Monday 17th December, doors to the school hall open at 9:10.

Christmas Mince Pies

Christmas Mince Pies 1
Christmas Mince Pies 2
Christmas Mince Pies 3

Chocolate Logs

Chocolate Logs 1
Chocolate Logs 2

Using Our Sport Area

Using Our Sport Area 1
Using Our Sport Area 2
Using Our Sport Area 3
Using Our Sport Area 4

Our New Garden

The children have been creating a new garden by digging holes for stepping stones and planting fruit trees and shrubs. They have been learning about worms and how to be gentle, how to use equipment safely, the parts of a plant/tree, changes that happen to trees and plants, noticing shapes in everyday life, filling buckets with soil and comparing the weight of them.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Thank you to all the parents who attended the 'Reading and Phonics workshop'.

Autumn Colour Painting

Autumn Colour Painting 1
Autumn Colour Painting 2
New home learning tasks are now available for term 2! Remember to have fun and record WOW moments in your books. 
Here are some excellent examples of 'Home Learning Tasks' completed last term. Thank you to everyone for your support. We have learnt some lovely things about the children.

Junk Modelling

Junk Modelling 1
Junk Modelling 2

Icing Biscuits

Icing Biscuits 1
Icing Biscuits 2
Icing Biscuits 3
Icing Biscuits 4

Autumn Crowns

Autumn Crowns 1
Autumn Crowns 2
Autumn Crowns 3
Children have loved making toast and trying different jams. They have made wobbly jelly to share and peeled carrots.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
During phonics we have been teaching children how to form letters correctly when writing. See the 'Home Learning' section to see how to form letters with your child.

The children enjoy signing the ‘Jolly Phonics’ songs which are available on YouTube if you would like to sing them at home. Here is the link:


The children are all settling in very well and really enjoying their activities at school! They have been learning all about their new environment, how to explore it and making lots of new friends! smiley