School is open only for critical worker and vulnerable/EHCP children. Home learning regularly updated on the class pages. Stay safe everyone.
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Monday 25th January

Good Morning everyone! We hope you all had a lovely weekend. Well done to all of you who are completing the Home Learning activities. It has been great to see what you have all been doing at home! 

Remember you can learn while you are playing with your toys as well as completing the Home Learning tasks. You could follow instructions to make a Lego model, play a board game with your family, paint or use craft materials to make a picture, make up stories or role play with your teddy bears, dolls, dinosaurs or toy animals or ask a grown up to read you a story. Last week some of you made dens in your house, helped to make cakes (which all looked delicious), went for long walks and kept fit on your trampolines, scooters and bikes. It was lovely to see that you are keeping yourselves busy!


Today is Monday 25th January. Can you clap 25 times? Can you stamp your feet 25 times? Can you jump 25 times? Ask a grown up to help you count to 25.


What is the weather like today? What will you need to wear if you go for a walk today? If it is raining you will need your rain coat, welly boots and your umbrella. Can you draw a picture of yourself, showing what the weather is like today?

Listen to the song and learn the days of the week. 


Days of the Week Song | The Singing Walrus


Literacy Challenge

This week Goldilocks is going to be finding ways to say sorry to the Bears, for eating their porridge, breaking their chairs and sleeping in their beds. Today she has made a card to say sorry to them. 

We would like you to make a card for the Bears. Look at the picture below to help you. Goldilocks has drawn a rainbow on her card but you can decide what you would like to draw. Ask a grown up to help you write a message in the card. 

Maths Challenge

The Three Bears are going out for a walk in the woods today, but it is very cold! They need to make sure they are wearing their gloves. Look at the pictures below. Which glove is Daddy Bears? Which glove is Mummy Bears? Which glove is Baby Bears? How long are each of the gloves?

Find different sized gloves in your house and use some blocks or Lego to measure how long they are. Whose glove is the longest and shortest? You could take a photograph of your learning to share with your teacher.

If you can not find any gloves you can draw around your family members hands and measure them.

Encourage your child to speak in sentences when talking about their learning. For example, Daddy Bears glove is longer than Baby Bears glove. Baby Bears glove is the shortest. 

My hand is shorter than your hand. 



We're Going on a Bear Hunt.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

A Cosmic Kids yoga adventure about about going on a bear hunt! (Inspired by the wonderful book by Michael Rosen)⭐ Sign up for FREE access to our Yoga Quest c...


Lots of you enjoyed playing the games on Phonics Play last week.

Phonics Play is a free website with games and activities to help your child practise their phonic skills. The children have all learned the Phase 2 sounds and tricky words at school but they will still need to practise daily. We have also started learning some of the Phase 3 sounds and tricky words. This term we will be revising these sounds. Watch the videos with Mrs Tingey and she will help you learn these sounds, read words and she will set you a challenge. If you have not seen the videos, look back at the previous weeks home learning challenges.

Each day we would like your child to play the Flashcards Speed trial and Tricky words games. You can choose either Phase 2 or Phase 3 depending on how confident they are. 

Today we would also like them to play the Rocket Race game. Again you can choose either Phase 2 or Phase 3. 

Click on the link below to take you to the website. It is free to access, just use the login details on the site.