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Maths Activities

Number and Counting Activities

Encourage your child to develop their counting skills through play!  You may like to model counting objects yourself whilst helping your child to point to each object to develop their knowledge of one to one correspondence. Your child may enjoy lining up their toys, counting them and finding the matching numeral. 



To help your child to recognise numerals, you may like to create a number train using the resource below. Encourage your child to order the numbers to 10.


The children really enjoy completing the counting sheets below with support. If your child is able to, encourage them to copy or write the numbers on the sheet themselves.

Problem Solving Activities

If your child is confident in counting objects to 10 and beyond, we will be focusing on developing problem solving skills at school. Our main focus at the moment is encouraging the children to select a number of items from a larger group. The children can find this quite tricky and will often continue to hand over items even after they have reached the number asked for.


At school we give the children a picture of a bus and ask them to place a certain number of toys onto the bus. I have uploaded the bus template we use at school below for you to try at home. Some children find it easier if shown a numeral so using number flashcards may help. Although your child may have an understanding of numbers past 10, when developing problem solving skills it is important to work with numbers 0-10 as they are learning a new skill.   

Shape, Space and Measure Activities

Your child may like to develop their knowledge of shapes, colours and size by trying some of the activities below. Your child may like to sort their toys into categories such as big and small or by colour. Develop your child's understanding by using mathematical language for them to copy if they are able. 



Your child may also like to complete some of the transport themed puzzles found in the links below -