School Photographs will be being taken in school on Friday 7 May. If your child has PE or Forest School on this day the class teacher will be in touch with arrangements.
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This week, we are going to continue developing our understanding of multiplication and division.



Today, you are going to be continuing with some division work, which you started last week.  In today's lesson, you will be dividing numbers by grouping.  Watch the video, and complete the worksheet when you are told to do so.

Make equal groups - grouping


In today's lesson, you will be carrying out some sharing and grouping activities. There is not a worksheet for you to complete today.  However, you will need to carry out some practical sharing and grouping activities.  Make sure you have some small objects which you can use.  Dried pasta pieces, Lego bricks, beads or small toy cars are the sorts of things you could use.  It doesn't matter what you use, as long as you can use them for the sharing and grouping activities. You may also find it helpful to have a piece of paper and a pencil handy for jotting down what you have found out.


Make equal groups activity


Today's lesson is all about 'Dividing by  2'.  You are going to use your knowledge of 'sharing and grouping' to divide numbers by 2.

Watch the video, and complete the worksheet when you are told to do so.


Divide by 2


Yesterday, you were learning about dividing numbers by 2.  Today, you are going to think about odd and even numbers.  There is a very good reason why it is helpful to know which numbers are odd and which are even, when you are dividing by 2.  Do you know why?

Watch the teaching video, and complete the worksheet.

Odd and Even


On Wednesday, you practised dividing numbers by 2.  Today you are going to divide numbers by 5.  Which times table do you think will help you today?

Watch the video and complete the worksheet.

Divide by 5