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Llama Class

Healthy Eating Day


Today we have been thinking about different ways we can follow a healthy lifestyle.  We had great fun creating our own savoury wraps and fruit kebabs.  We could choose from a variety of fillings for our wraps, including lettuce, cucumber, tomato, ham and cheese.  Cucumber was a very popular choice.  We also had a choice of different fresh fruits for our fruit kebabs, including pineapple, cantaloupe melon, galia melon, strawberries, kiwi fruit and grapes.  Strawberries proved to be the favourite by most children.  Natural yoghurt made a delicious dip for the fruit.  

It was good to see how everyone had a hearty appetite for these healthy food options.  Some children also discovered that they liked some foods which they hadn't tried before.  A wrap with a salad filling and a fruit pot for desert, makes a delicious lunchbox alternative to jam sandwiches and crisps.  Well done everyone for trying out these healthy food options.  I'm really glad that you enjoyed the day.

Farming Science Week

It has been a great start for our return to school for all children.  It has been lovely to see everyone returning and looking so happy to be back in the classroom.

This week, we have had a 'Farming Science Week'.  We have learnt about where our food comes from.  We have found out about food chains and investigated which foods are grown and harvested in the United Kingdom.  We also joined two live lessons produced by the National Farmers Union, specially for Primary school children.  One lesson was a 'Lambing Live' special, and the second lesson focussed on egg production. 

We finished the week by making our own pizzas.  We talked about the different ingredients needed to make the base, and each group chose their own toppings.  

The final vote declared that our pizzas were DELICIOUS!

Llama Class News

Can you believe that we have been back for just over four weeks?  The children have settled back into school, and are working hard.  It is also lovely to see how much they are enjoying playing with their friends again.  

We have enjoyed reading two stories about Mrs Armitage, and have created our own unique Mrs Armitage story, too.  We have also enjoyed painting some Mrs Armitage pictures. 



Last week, we started writing facts about animals, and we are going to use these to make our own animal fact files this week.


In our maths lessons, we have been practising adding and subtracting using number lines and 100-squares.  We have also been using money to find change and to reduce prices.  This week, we are doing some measuring, and we used decimetre strips to measure items in the classroom.  The children really enjoyed this practical activity. 

Here is some useful information about Llama Class.  Throughout the year, I will add news and information which will give you an insight into your child's learning.  Please check this page regularly for updates. 


Llama Class

        Class teacher:  Mrs Parker-Gorman

        Teaching assistant: Mrs Rivers

        Learning support assistant: Miss Bailey


For at least the duration of Term 1, we will not be using class contact books or home reading logs.  However, your child will be bringing a reading book home to enable you to help your child practice their reading.  Please keep the book at home until your child requires a new book.  It is important to note that your child will benefit from reading their book more than once, so please don't feel you need to have a new book each day.  When your child brings their book back to school, they will be asked to place the book in a box, and a new book will be given to them to bring home.  Books returning to school will be quarantined for 3 days, before being reintroduced to the book stock.



The most important way you can support your child's learning, is to talk to your child about their school work, and to encourage a love of reading.  Please help your child to read their reading book, but also continue to share favourite stories at home.  We will also be sending home some spelling and handwriting practice.  Worksheets sent home are for your child to use at home.  Please do not send them back into school.  For at least the first term, we will not be sending home a homework book.



Llama class will have P.E on Wednesday afternoon.  We request that your child comes to school on this day, in their P.E clothes.  For at least the duration of Term 1, we will be doing P.E outside, not in the hall.  Therefore, it is recommended that your child wears a tracksuit or similar clothing over, or instead of, their shorts and t-shirt.  Suitable footwear is most important for P.E on the playground.  Trainers are preferable.  If the weather is particularly wet, then P.E will not take place outside and alternative exercise may take place in the classroom.


Start and End of the Day

Your child is welcome to come straight into class at the beginning of the day, from 8:40 am.  At the end of the afternoon, the children will be collected from the playground area (Fire exit door) at 3:05 pm.



The best way to contact me if you wish to pass on a message, or if you have any questions or concerns, is through the class email:


I will aim to answer your email as quickly as possible, but please be aware that I may not see emails until the end of the day.  If you have an urgent message, please phone the school office.  


I hope these points are helpful.  However, do please contact me via email or telephone message if you have any further queries.  


Best wishes,

Mrs Parker-Gorman