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Lesson 1 and 2:                                     PANDORA

Task 1: Please read through the teaching PowerPoint we have used in class, to remind yourself of everything covered so far.  Stop when you get to the story planning page: “Imagine in 2030, you are all flown to Pandora to start a new mission to save the planet from destruction from the miners.  What adventures could you have when you become stranded there?”

Task 2:  Read the Pie Corbett 3 part sentence page.  Remind yourself how to write 3 part sentences by focusing on the noun first (the thing you want to describe), then add description in front of it, then add an action after it.  Sometimes you can make it a 4 part sentence by adding an Ed ing ly sentence starter.  Remember these for when you write your story.


Task 3: Vary sentence length.  Long descriptive sentences are great for taking your audience on a journey and sucking them into your imagination.  However, sometimes it's great to GRAB THEIR ATTENTION suddenly by adding a short sentence!  Look at slides 22,23 and 24.  Try the task on slide 23 with a parent then on Purple Mash (Literacy Pandora lesson 1) write the 3 sentences you would choose to make me scared the most from slide 24 (the one below)!  Finally think about your story and write the first 3 sentences to your story.



Task 4:  Using colons, semi-colons and dashes.  Read through the slides 25-33.  Remind yourself when is best to use each piece of higher-level punctuation.  Try slide 33 with a parent, if you are stuck, go back to the slides which explains each punctuation mark.  We would like you to show all 3 pieces of punctuation in your story (which you will write next week).

Task 5: Speech Punctuation.  Our last bit of revision will be on using speech punctuation accurately.

Please watch the video below for a reminder:

No look at slide 34:



Go to Purple Mash 'To Do' and complete this please (Literacy Pandora lesson 2).  Remember you must start a new line when someone new speaks.


Next week, you will be writing your adventure story!  We cannot wait to read them!