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Grammar Activities

Here are some worksheets for your child to complete. There are 3 levels of difficulty for each worksheet, so choose the level which you feel best suits your child's ability.  Answer sheets are included.

Please note, you don't need to print out the worksheets.  Your child can work from the screen and write the sentences onto paper or into a notebook.

There are also some more practice activities on Purple Mash.

Minibeast Poem

There is an activity today on Purple Mash which asks your child to write a 'Cinquain' poem about a minibeast.


The instructions for how to write a cinquain poem are included on the Purple Mash task page.  

A cinquain poem is quite easy to write, but creates a very effective poem, especially if you think hard about the words you use.


There are five lines creating a cinquain poem.


Line 1 - this line has just one word, possibly the name of the minibeast you are describing.  However, it doesn't have to be its name.  You could choose a different word which describes the minibeast.

  Line 2 - this line has 2 words.  These words are adjectives which describe your chosen minibeast.

  Line 3 - this line has 3 words.  These words need to describe how the minibeast moves or what it does.

  Line 4 - this line has 4 words.  These words describe how the minibeast makes you feel.

  Line 5 - this line has only 1 word, like the first line.  This word needs to be similar to the word you used in the first line.


Have fun creating your cinquain poem on Purple Mash.  You could write some more on paper and decorate your poems with drawings of minibeasts.  You could then bring them into school when we are back together.