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                              Term 4/Week 1

           Home Learning Activities & Resources                                        (22nd - 26th February)

Literacy 1 


Note for Parents – Please DO NOT read the whole story or watch the whole video as this will spoil the lessons, each day a different part of the story will be shared with the children in their Home Learning activities. This will help to sustain the mystery about the book.


This term we are going to be using ‘The Journey’ by Aaron Becker to support our creative writing.


Activity 1 – Look at the image from the book ‘Journey’ by Aaron Becker (grey image with girl sat outside her house). Sit in silence for a minute just looking at the picture. (Literacy 1/Sheet 1)


Using the following sentence starters describe to some-one else what you can see using expanded noun phrases i.e, when more than one adjective is used to describe a noun and adverbs.


Outside the house,

By the lamppost,

Near the bin,

On a skateboard,

In the distance,

On the steps,


Activity 2 – Watch the video clip up to 55s, please do not go past this point.


What do you think is going to happen when the girls steps through the door, record your ideas in full sentences and explain your choices, using the sentence starters on your lesson activity sheet. (Literacy 1/Sheet 2)


Literacy 2:


Watch the short video of the start of the story again.


What are each of the members of her family doing at the beginning of the story? Do they look like they want to talk to her? What do you think the girl is saying to the different members of her family when she tries to talk to them? Talk to someone else and discuss these questions.


Activity 1 – Look at the punctuating speech poster to remind yourself how to correctly punctuate speech in your writing. (Literacy 2/Sheet 1)


Activity 2 – Using inverted commas, write down what the little girl might be saying to the different people in her house and what they reply to her. Remember a conversation is always between 2 people. (Literacy 2/Sheet 2)

Literacy 3:


Activity 1 - Watch the video clip up to 1 minute 28s and look at the corresponding images from the book. (Literacy 3/Sheet 1) please do not go past this point.


Were any of your predictions right?


Activity 2 - Imagine you are the girl. Sit on the carpet and with a piece of string or tape (masking tape comes off easily) create a line down the middle of the room.


This is going to be your journey line. You are going to imagine you are the little girl moving through the forest and the piece of string/tape is the journey you are taking. Think about the following…….what might you see, hear, smell, feel as you move through the woods towards the river? 


On post it notes or chopped up pieces of paper write down what you would might be seeing, hearing, smelling and feeling and stick them on to your journey line. You can look at the pictures and watch the video clip more than once to help you with this activity. Keep all of your pieces of paper, as you will need these in tomorrow’s lesson.

Literacy 4:


Using your post-it notes from yesterday’s activity, the video clip (up to 1min 28s) and the images from the book we would like you to write a description of the forest as if you were the girl in the story seeing the forest for the first time.


Use Literacy 4/Sheet 1 to help you to make your writing interesting. Remember you are writing in the first person so will need to use the pronoun ‘I’. 


You can print out and write on to, or type straight in to the descriptive paragraph activity sheet. (Literacy 4/Sheet 2) Please send us your work using the class email address.