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This week is the final week using the book, 'The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig', for our Literacy work.

If you want to listen to the story again, here is the link to the story being read to you on YouTube:



The Three Little Wolves and The Big Bad Pig


If you want to remind yourself of the story of 'The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig', then watch the video above.

Today, we are going to think about the actions carried out by the different characters.  

Think about the point in the story when the big, bad pig blows up the wolves' third house.  The wolves just managed to escape with their 'fluffy tails scorched'.  How do you think the wolves felt at this moment? What do you think the wolves would have liked the pig to have done instead?

Think about some different events which could have happened in this story if the pig had acted differently. 

The worksheet below will help you to structure your ideas. 


Today, we are going to think about writing a letter to the big bad pig from the poor little wolves.  You will be writing a formal letter, telling the big bad pig that what he has done is very wrong. You are going to need to persuade the big bad pig to change his ways. 

A formal letter needs to be written and laid out in a particular way.  The slide-show will show you exactly how to set out your formal letter to persuade the big bad pig to behave differently.  



Next, look at the letter below, which is a formal letter written by the Three Little Pigs to the Big Bad Wolf.  The letter is not set out correctly.  Your job is to reorganise the parts of the letter so it is set out correctly.  If you can print out the letter, then you can cut out the sections and organise them onto another piece of paper.  If you cannot print out the letter, you can draw  rectangles onto a piece of paper to show how the letter needs to be set out.  You can then label what needs to go in each rectangle. 


Today, you are going to write a formal letter to the Big Bad Pig persuading him to change his ways.  

Think back to the work you did yesterday, when you learnt how to set out a formal letter correctly.  You will need to set this letter out properly, using addresses for the Big Bad Pig and the Little Wolves.  You are going to write the letter from the Little Wolves, so you will need to think carefully about what they want to say to the Big Bad Pig. 

What has he done to upset them? 

What should he do to make things better? 

What will the Little Wolves do if he continues to behave badly?

You can use the letter writing paper below to help you set your letter out correctly.  There is also a template to show you which parts of the letter need to go in which place.




Tomorrow, many people around the world will be celebrating Chinese New Year. This year will be the Year of the Ox.  

Do you know how many animals there are in the Chinese zodiac?

Do you know which animals they are?

There is an old fable which tells the story about why the different animals were chosen to be included in the Chinese New Year calendar.

Watch the video story, and then read through the slide show.

Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year) Zodiac Story

Your task today is to complete a reading comprehension exercise about Chinese New Year.  Read the information sheet carefully and then answer the questions.  You can choose which level of reading comprehension you wish to complete.




Today is Chinese New Year.  People all over the world will be celebrating the beginning of the 'Year of the Ox'.

Here are two short videos and a slide-show which will tell you how people prepare for and celebrate Chinese New Year.

Preparing For Chinese New Year - Let's Celebrate

Celebrating Chinese New Year - Let's Celebrate

The slide-show tells you about the wishing tree.  Perhaps you could write your own wishes for the coming year, and hang them up either inside your house or outside in a tree.  You can choose!  

You could also have a go at writing 'Happy New Year' using Chinese script, just like Abby did, in the first video.  You could use black paint if you have some, or black felt-tip pen.  

The Chinese script is added below, for you to copy.  

Have fun!