Last Day of term 1 - Wednesday 20 October 2021. First Day of Term 2 - Monday 1 November 2021.
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Lesson 2

Lesson two


After watching the PEE video clip, we would like you to answer the questions on the lesson resource sheet in the PEE format.




Q. Explain how Camp Green Lake is not as dazzling as it first seems?



In my opinion Camp Green Lake does not appear as dazzling as it seems as there seem to be many dangers all around and it may not be as green and relaxing as it sounds.



An example of this can be found where the author writes ‘you will die a slow and painful death’. A further example is when he says ‘he couldn’t see a lake and hardly anything was green’.



The name would make the reader feel as if they were going to an exciting, relaxing holiday camp, whereas they were in fact destined to spend time in a deadly, dying camp; perhaps in the middle of no-where.

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