School is open only for critical worker and vulnerable/EHCP children. Home learning regularly updated on the class pages. Stay safe everyone.
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Home Learning Week 1/2


Our Topic for Term 4 is Spring :) 



 Communication and Interaction:


 In school over the next two weeks we will focussing a lot on learning new vocabulary related to the topic. To support this at home it would be great if you could label the objects whilst you are out walking/going to the park etc...


We will be focussing on these words:


  • tree
  • flower
  • leaves
  • soil 
  • colours


I have attached some symbols in the resources section that you can use to show your child when you see those objects or whilst taking part in the activities. You could just model holding the symbol to the object and saying the word or you could support your child to point to the correct symbol.


Cognition and Learning:


Two of the main activities we will be taking part in over the next two weeks are cooking and gardening.





We will be making pancakes as due to the snow we missed our pancake making sessions! I have attached symbols in the resources section that you can use to encourage your child to make a selection or to match to the resources you are using. There are also some symbol supported instructions to help you.


We will be encouraging the children to take part in all aspects of the pancake making from mixing the batter, cooking the pancakes with support and adding a choice of toppings. It is a great opportunity to support your child to be safe around the hob by using the language of hot. You can use hand over hand support to how your child how to hold the pan handle safely. It is also a lovely way to introduce new foods by having a selection of toppings that your child can explore.




Ideally you will need flower pots, small trowel, soil, seeds/small plants and a watering can or spray bottle. 


Here is a link to 'Mr Tumble' doing some gardening you could use to introduce the activity.


Again I have attached some symbols below to support communication in this topic as well as some symbol supported instructions you can use to lay out the steps of the activity. If your child wants to explore the activity in a messy play way this is also great learning to experiment with mixing the resources, filling and emptying and using tools. 


Physical and Sensory:


This term we will be focussing on throwing and catching as well as our usual sensory diets and sensory circuits. 


It is best to start off this activity with a bigger ball and reduce the size as your child gets more skilled. 


You could also lay out hoops/buckets or other objects and model how to throw the ball towards the object encouraging your child to join in. Now the weather is improving it is a nice way to do something in a structured way in the garden. If your child only does it once or twice this is ok. 



Social, emotional and mental health:


Hopefully the sun has brought us all a little bit of happiness! So this term we would like to concentrate on that emotion and supporting the children to recognise when they feel happy. I have added the symbol below. You could spot when your child is happy, show them the symbol and say 'happy' or '*child's name* is happy'. This will help them associate what they are feeling with the more abstract word for the emotion.


This is a link for a read aloud story all about feeling happy. There is also a page at the end that encourages children to identify emotions using the bunnies facial expressions. You could just play it to your child as they are playing and being happy or sit and watch it together acting out some of the actions and labelling what makes you or your child happy.


Some of the children do very well now at identifying when they are sad or angry but often struggle to recognise the feeling of happy in it's own right so this is useful for all the children.