Sports Day for all mainstream classes, Panther, Chameleon and Eagle classes - Wednesday 29th June - information on parent mail and facebook
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Pick one of the activities below to complete each week. You can complete more than one if you have time. Send photos or videos to me through the 'Evidence for Learning(EfL)' app.

Remember to read your book every night too! 

Term 1 - Reflections


  • Can you find your reflection? Where can you find it?

  • Look in a mirror, What colour is your hair? Is it long or short? Curly or straight? Can you draw a picture of yourself using the mirror to help you?

  • Can you draw and label your family? You could bring in your picture to show the class. Can you add a background to your picture?

  • Can you write a sentence about your pet or can you find out about an animal that you like and write a sentence?

  • What is your favourite colour? Can you make a large rainbow on the floor outside, using different coloured paints or chalks? Is your favourite colour a primary or secondary colour? Explore colours by mixing.

  • Does your family speak a different language? Ask a family member to teach you how to say ‘hello’ in a foreign language.

  • Bring in a photo of you when you were younger and tell us one of the ways that you have changed.

  • Find a place to sit quietly and listen carefully to see what you can hear. Draw pictures and label some of the things you can hear in your house or garden. Were any of the sounds the same or different?

  • Write a list of three things you can do to help you stay healthy.

  • Can you measure everyone’s hands in your family? You could use cubes to measure or a ruler. Remember to start on the 0 if you use a ruler. Can you record these in a table?

  • Can you use a phone to take photos of your work or make a video about what you have done at home?


I, go, to, no, the, he, she, me we, be, so, do, two, is, his, has, 

my, by, one, once, come, some, they