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Giraffe Class

Dear Giraffes,


Wow, only a week and bit left of this term and Year 3, where has the time gone! I have recorded you another video message to say hello and explain a little bit more about your new teachers and classes.


By the end of the week you will also have received a little surprise from Mrs Watson and I, sadly we wont be able to get to see you in person before the end of term so we wanted you to have a little memory of our awesome year in Giraffe class together.


We are both going to miss you lots but know you will have a fantastic time in Year 4 in September. The teachers are amazing and you will love all of the new learning opportunities that they are going to share with you.


Mrs Hogben x




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Week 3 Term 5 - Baking Challenge Video

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Week 2 Term 5 Video Message

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Welcome back my lovely Giraffes - Term 5 Week 1

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Whitfield Aspen School Easter Egg Hunt Challenge


Can you colour an Easter Egg and put in up in your window for people to see and count when they are out on their walk each day. Abi and I have made one to put up in our window and we hope they are some of the eggs you manage to count.


Happy Easter and don't eat too many eggs.


Mrs Hogben

Easter Egg Hunt Challenge

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An outside Maths Challenge for you today, have fun!

Outside Angle Challenge

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Exciting news, we now have a class Blog which we can use to send each other messages.


Mrs Hogben x

Giraffe Class Blog

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Giraffe Class Video Instructions

Hi Giraffes, don't forget to keep clicking on the 'Work' tab on Purple Mash to watch my daily videos in the Giraffe Class folder. Mrs Hogben x

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End Of Week 1 - Well done Giraffes you are awesome!

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Welcome to Giraffe Class


A new term, a new class, a new key stage and an exciting year ahead of us. Mrs Watson and I are looking forward to sharing your child's learning journey with them and supporting them in all areas of the curriculum


During the year we will be sharing our learning on the Giraffe Class page and hope that you enjoy reading all about it. Watch this space......!


Mrs Hogben

We love to hear about the children's successes outside of school and add them to our celebration board in class. What a talented bunch the Giraffes are.

              Giraffe of the Week

                       Term 3


In Geography this term we are learning about Oceans & Continents and  have linked this with our Art, exploring different styles and techniques from around the world.


This week we have been researching facts about Africa and used colour mixing to create African Silhouette pictures. Here are some examples of our artwork.

In Science we have been deepening our knowledge of 'light & shadows'. We have explored how the transparency of the material can affect the quality of the shadow and carried out 'fair tests' to understand scientific patterns. 
In Literacy we have been reading Roald Dahl's, Fantastic Mr Fox and used the story structure from this to write our own adventures stories. Mrs Hogben also challenged us to write in the past tense and include direct speech. 
In PSHE we have been learning the importance of 'teamwork' and have explored what can can achieve when we work together with our friends. Mrs Hogben challenged us to work together in teams to see who could build the tallest structure using only cocktail sticks and mini marshmallows. It was tough and we had to investigate different ways of doing it but we persevered and got there in the end! The tallest structure was 16cm,
We were very excited to receive a letter from Roald Dahl's grand-daughter asking us to write a new scene for the film version of the Fantastic Mr Fox. In order for us to to be able to do this we had compare narrative and script writing, we even had a go at acting out and writing some of our own stage directions!

Our whole school book this term, in celebration of World Book Day, was 'The Wonder'. The little boy in the story had an amazing imagination so we challenged the children to use theirs and come up with a design for a new school playground. To give the children's learning a purpose they wrote persuasive letters to Mr Cook...........fingers crossed he agrees with some of their ideas!



Can you guess the 'Adventurous Adjectives' we dressed up

as for World Book Day?

In Maths we have been learning to recognise and describe 3D shapes using their properties. To help us understand how 2D shapes are joined to create 3D shapes we made our own.
On Art we followed instructions to make authentic Dream Catchers.

Term 2

In History we are coming close to the end of the Stone Age and the beginning of the Bronze Age. To secure the knowledge we have learnt we have made our own stone age caves with real cave art and recreated a very famous monument..............Stone Henge. We thought it would be a bit tricky to get 10 foot high stones in to the classroom so instead we used chocolate bourbon biscuits. It was a real challenge not to nibble them while we were constructing our monument!

In Literacy we have used the text 'How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth' to help us learn the features of instructional writing. We have learnt about imperative verbs, time conjunctions and propositions and used these to write a set of instructions that any stone age man could follow!


To properly understand how to use these different grammatical terms we had a go at washing our own woolly mammoths (well teddy bears!) who were very dirty.


We also followed instructions to make our own Woolly Mammoths!

In science we have been learning all about rocks and soil and built our own class wormery, some of us were more enthusiastic than others when it came to picking up the worms!
This term we have been using column subtraction with and without exchanging to subtract 2 and 3 digit numbers. we have used measure i.e. length to help us do this.

We have now moved form the Stone Age in to the Bronze Age when peoples knowledge of house building, providing food and clothes became more sophisticated as a result of people travelling from country to country. 


In History and Art we have been learning about different Bronze Age techniques and today we made our own beaker pots. We are going to let them dry naturally as they had to heat the fire to 1000 degrees in the Bronze Age and we don't think Mr Cook will let us do that!

We have been making the most of the season and the watching the world around us change colour. Using our senses and the knowledge we have about Autumn we have written some amazing Autumn Poems. This writing helped us to bring together lots of the grammar we have learnt since the beginning of Year 3, for example we used alliteration, verbs, adverbs and expanded noun phrases.

An Wednesday 11th December Year 3 were invited by the members of St Peter's Church in Whitfield to make Christingles. As part of this learning activity the children found out what each part of the Christingle represented and why. The children all worked together to make their Christingle and were very proud of what they achieved. All of the adults that attended were also very proud of the children's behaviour and respect that they exhibited when at the church. Then, after a brisk walk back in the winter sunshine the children enjoyed a delicious Christmas Lunch served by members of the school staff, adorned with a variety of Christmas hats!

Term 1


We started our learning this year with Environmental Week. During this week children explored what it meant to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. In Maths the children sorted different materials based on whether they could be reduced, reused or recycled and in Literacy explained our choices using conjunctions. Over the Summer holiday the children collected plastic bottles and we reused and recycled these to make hanging planters, colourful flowers and bottle top mosaics. All of this learning has helped the children gain an understanding of how they can be more environmentally friendly. We've also had a lot of fun!

We also recycled our plastic bottle tops to create collage interpretations of the recycling symbol and the earth.

Our learning topic this term is 'The Stone Age' and we will be exploring this era in our history in all areas of the curriculum. 


Our learning started with some research in to Stone Age Cave Art and its meaning and resulted in the children creating their own unique pieces of cave art. 


I think you will agree they are very impressive.



In Science we have been exploring rocks and considering the properties that they needed to have to be used to make weapons and tools in the Stone Age. Flint came out as the hot favourite due to its strength and ability to be broken and shaped to create sharp edges.
Week 5 was all about being palaeontologists and excavating fossils. First we made our own fossil moulds and produced casts from these. Then we used mini pick axes (toothpicks) and rocks (chocolate chip cookies) to carefully excavate, without breaking as many fossils (chocolate chips) as possible. It wasn't as easy as we first thought!

Today we learnt that Stone Age people did not have shampoo or hairbrushes to tidy their hair each day. They had to use sticks, branches and sharp stones. As you can see from our Stone Age family they were a pretty scruffy bunch!

'Time' is a very tricky concept for children to master. In the digital age we live in children see time in the digital 12 hour and 24 hour format more than they do analogue. 'Time' is part of of the continuous provision we provide in class and we try everyday to look and tell the time in the different formats. To support your child's learning out of school any opportunity to read both analogue and digital time will really support this. Thank you.