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Giraffe Class

Giraffe Class


Welcome Back to Term 6 and our last term together as Giraffe Class.


It has been a year of learning both in and out of the classroom but one that I feel has seen the children triumph over the challenge that learning from home and in school presented to them. I am very proud of all of the children and and have enjoyed every step of the learning journey we have taken together.


The children have lots of new learning opportunities to look forward to this term, Roman Week and our Jurassic Maths Challenge just to mention a few.


I will continue to use the class email to communicate with you each week and post photos on the class website page..


Kind Regards


Mrs Hogben 


Romans on the Rampage!


Giraffe of the Week

Science Week 2021 Videos

Still image for this video

Science Week 2021

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Science Week 2021

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Science Week 2021

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Science Week 2021

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The children had a fantastic time investigating the soli samples they had brought in from their gardens this afternoon and were amazed and what really was in their soil!

In Literacy the children have used their senses and different grammatical elements to write some descriptive Autumn Poems. They are all very proud of the work they have produced and it is up on display for the whole school to enjoy.

In History we have moved from the Stone Age in to the Bronze Age, people and settlements have become more established and knowledge of other building and sculpting materials have spread across Europe and arrived in Britain. The Beaker people brought knowledge of pottery and how to make bronze weapons and more sophisticated dwellings. The children have made their own 'beaker pots' using similar techniques and designs to those that were used in the Bronze Age. .

This week we have been thinking about the brave men and women who fought and gave their lives in the First, Second and more recent wars and conflicts.The children have enjoyed painting Flanders Fields discs for the local church and making their own paper poppies. I think you will agree they have all done a brilliant job.

Thank you for helpng the children to collect their Autumn objects, we have used them this week to help us build an Autumn vocabulary list and write similes that we will use in our Autumn Poems..

In Art the children have been exploring how they can mould and shape different materials. They followed instructions to make their own Stone Age caves and even added authentic cave drawings to the walls.

What an amzing week of learning the children have had. We are reading the text 'How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth' and using this to help the children understand the features of instructional writing. So far the children have learnt about and practised using prepositions and imperative verbs through different activities. They have scoured, rubbed, buffed and rinsed our dirty toys........Mammoths were all out of stock at Tescos and followed instructions to make their own Woolly Mammoth. All of the children have been really engaged with one the children stating this afternoon that this was the best learning day ever. What more could a teacher ask for?

In History we are coming to the end of the Stone Age and will be moving on to the Bronze Age. A significant event that occured in this time period was the building of Stonehenge. In the absence of 10ft high bolders we ventured in to forest school and the children used their imagination and creative sckills to construct models of Stonehenge using logs, twigs, stones and a fair bit of mud. A fantastic time was had by all and apologies for the muddy knees and coats.

In Science we have been learning about different types of fossils and how they were formed. Last week the children created moulds using shells and poured plaster of paris to make their own trace fossils and this week they tried their hands at being palaeontologists. Tooth picks and some chocolate chip cookies helped them to understand how difficult it is to extract the small, delicate fossils from the ground but after some serious concentartion and a lot of perseverance they all successfully excavated their chocolate chips! I think the reward of eating the cookie at the end also helped as a motivator!

Term 1 / Week 5



We have been reading the story of the Stone Age Boy in Literacy which culminated in the children completing their first independent writing task this week. They showed that they were able to use what they have learnt to produce some fantastic stories which included adjectives, adverbs and even some time connectives. They should be very proud of the work that they produced, I know I am.



In Science this week the children have had the opportunity to create their own trace fossils using shells, plasticine and plaster of paris. This provided the children with opportunity to learn about how fossils are made and the different types. Next week we will have the fun of excavating them out of their moulds but luckily we don't have to wait 65 million years!



We managed to dodge most of the rain this week and in PE have started to learn the skills that we will need to play a game of netball. We were learning how to accurate chest pass this week and will move on to bounce and over head in the coming weeks. The children all really enjoyed themselves.



In Maths the children have been learning all about column addition with exchanging (carrying for us oldies!). This is a tricky concept but the children have taken it on board really well. Keep up the great work Giraffes!

Term 1 / Week 3


In PE we are working on our listening and collaborative working skills. The children were set the challenge to design a physical game that brought together all of the skills that they learnt in Year 2. This required them to listen to each others ideas and try out different versions of the game to see which one worked best. Then they had write instructions and teach another group how to play their game. Next week they will be giving each other feedback and using this to improve their game.



Thank you for helping the children to find and bring in an amazing collection of different rocks. This week we have been having a go at classify and sorting the different rocks based on their properties. They were very excited when I showed them a piece of Obsideon and explained that it was once molten lava and had come out of a volcano!