Kindness Charity Collection, opens Friday 29th April - All items collected will be donated to Shepway Food Bank and the Rainbow Centre.
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Friday afternoon fun!

Taskmaster - Lockdown Edition


  • Aim: To support mental wellbeing and provide you with a different challenge to enjoy during the new national lockdown. 
  • Rules: All the activities should be completed at home or in the garden (providing you can brave the current weather!) and are for enjoyment only.
  • Instructions are simple but read them carefully, and be imaginative.
  • One entry per task per child to be emailed to your teacher by Sunday. 
  • Equipment can be anything at home unless specified and try not to look on the internet for help. Give it your best go and use your own creativity. Have fun and get the family involved!


Week 2


  • Wiggle a biscuit from your forehead into your mouth in the quickest time (let us know the time you did it in).
  • Make the tallest freestanding tower from items in your home. You have 10 minutes to complete the task. (take a photo to send us and measure how tall it is).
  • Throw a teabag into a mug from the furthest possible distance (measure how far you threw it from and let us know the distance).


Have fun!