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Friday 5th February

Good morning everyone!

We hope you have all had a good week! Lots of you have enjoyed completing the home learning challenges over the week. Thank you for emailing and uploading pictures of the children's work on Evidence for Learning.


Literacy Challenge

In our story this week, the Little Pigs build their houses out of different materials. When I was out for a walk in the woods I found a den that someone had made using sticks. My dog, Sky enjoyed exploring the den.

For our final challenge this week we would like you to make a den! It doesn't have to be as big as the one I found in the woods. You could find some sticks in the garden and make a smaller den for one of your teddies.

You could make a den indoors using some sheets or the cover from your bed. Have fun!


Maths Challenge

This week we have been learning about 2D shapes. When I was in the woods for a walk I collected some sticks and used them to make shape decorations. I made a rectangle, triangle and a square. You will need to think about the number of sides each shape has. A square  has 4  sides that are all the same length. A rectangle has 2 long sides that are the same length and 2 short sides that are the same length and a triangle has 3 sides.

First I decorated the sticks with pipe cleaners, and ribbons. You could also use wool or string. I then used wool to tie the sticks together. You could also use pipe cleaners, ribbon or elastic bands. You might need a grown up to help you with this bit. If you don't have any craft bits to decorate the sticks you could just have a go at making the shapes. Have fun!



Click on the link below to play a game about 2D shapes. Look at the patterns and choose the shape that comes next. Have fun and enjoy your weekend!