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Term 6 - School Subjects

Bonjour mes amis! Ça va ? Madame Avery here again.


This term, you are going to learn how to talk about different school subjects in French.

Like last term, I'll be setting you weekly activities so don't forget to check back to find out what you have to do next!


Bonne chance! (Good luck!)

Week 1: Learn the words for school subjects

1.  Follow the link above which takes you to the French Games website.

2.  Click on FULL TUTORIAL All activities.

3.  Start the tutorial. Listen to and look at the words and practise saying them out loud like we do in class. You probably need to go through them several times.

4.  You can then have a go at the activities Yes or No?, Either/Or and What is it?

5.  Don't go any further this week - we'll be playing the Games over the next 2 weeks!

Week 2: Play some games

This week, we're going to play some games to practise the school subjects you started learning last week.


1.  Click the link above for the French Games website.

2.  Go to the Games section.

3.  There are 10 games - choose at least 5 to play.

4.  Did you get 10 out of 10? If not, have another go and see if you can beat your score!


Amusez-vous !   (Have fun!)

Week 3: Play some more games!

Hopefully by now you are starting to remember the French words for some of the school subjects. This week, we're going to play some more games and you will also have an extra activity to complete.


1.     Go to the French Games website and have a go at some of the games you didn't try last week.

        Which one is your favourite?

2.      Create a list of all the school subjects in French and either write the English translation or add a picture to                 illustrate the meaning. Copy the French spellings carefully and don't forget the accents!

Week 4: J'aime les maths!

Can you remember what j'aime means? That's right, it means I like.

This week, you're going to tell me which subjects you do and don't like.


J'adore           =          I love

J'aime             =          I like

Je n'aime pas  =         I don't like

Je déteste        =         I hate


Use the list you made last week, or go to the French Games website for the spellings, and write a sentence for each subject saying whether you like it or not. For example:

J'adore le français.          Je n'aime pas les sciences.


If you can, send it to your class teacher - we'd love to see your work!


Week 5: Song time!


Song: Maths, les maths, c'est difficile.

Have a go at joining in with this fun song.

Week 6: Time to test yourself!

This is our last lesson on School Subjects so here's what I'd like you to do.


1.  Catch up on any of the previous lessons you didn't manage to do.

2.  Test yourself to see how much you have learnt!

      Go to the French Games website by following the link at the top of this page (School Subjects).

      Click on 4. Tests and have a go at the Multiple Choice test.

3.  For an extra challenge, take the Writing test.

How did you get on? If you didn't get 10 out of 10 the first time, try again and see if you can better your score.


Bonne chance!   (Good luck!)