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Does my child have to read their whole book every night?

It is best for your child to read every day at home for 10 minutes. This can be at anytime during the day. Reading to your child is still important and showing interest in reading helps children to develop a love for it. 

Do parents/children get made aware when children move to the next reading level?

Reading levels are by colour/level and can be found on the back of the reading book. We have a mixture of reading sets and at times these colours/levels do not match. The focus of reading is to develop fluency and comprehension. Children are praised for their enjoyment of reading, fluency, ability to ask questions about what they are reading, link content to real life and comprehension of the text. We do not inform the children of a new level but they will sometimes notice this themselves.

When writing should we correct their spelling or allow them to write using the sounds they know?

In reception we expect children to use their sounds to write words. We only correct some tricky words or words that are frequently used in writing, such as, I, go, to no, he she, me, we, be, you, are. Children should be praised for writing as this is one of the hardest areas of learning as they are thinking about the word, sounds in the word, formation of the letters, tricky word spelling and the structure of a sentence. Always remind children what they are doing well with and only one correction to help them develop. 

I have a question!

For parents to ask a question about the work children are doing. Replies to these questions will be placed below in the FAQ's section.