Sports Day for all mainstream classes, Panther, Chameleon and Eagle classes - Wednesday 29th June - information on parent mail and facebook
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Lesson 1 - Write a punctuated sentence for each picture from the story of Hansel and Gretel on the sheet below, this can be printed off and written on or you can type directly on to the sheet and send it back to me using the class email address. Remember to use capital letters, different sentence openers, finger spaces, punctuation and adjectives in your writing.



Lesson 2 - Write the beginning of the story Hansel and Gretel, up to the part where their father takes them in to the forest and leaves them there for the second time. Remember to include capital letters, finger spaces, punctuation and expanded noun phrases in your writing i.e. use more than one adjectives to describe the nouns in your writing.


Please use the writing paper below and the Hansel & Gretel word mat to help you with your writing.

Lesson 3 - Today you are going to continue writing the story of Hansel and Gretel, carrying on from where you got up to yesterday up to the part where the wicked old lady locks Hansel in a cage so that she can fatten him up to eat him!


First you will need to describe the Gingerbread House and how Hansel and Gretel might have felt when they first saw it. Imaging it was you eating the sweets and gingerbread might help you describe it. The little old lady changed form being all friendly when she invited them in to being cruel and mean once they were trapped inside and Hansel was in the cage. Describe how Hansel and Gretel's moods would have changed at this point.



Note: We will be finishing writing the story in our Literacy lessons next week so don't forget to bring your work in to school when you return.