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English Focus – To write a well know story.


This week the children are writing the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. The children are supported with the writing of the story. They will discuss the sentence first with their teacher and even practise the sentence structure on the carpet first. Using the picture prompts the children will think of the sentence which goes with each picture. 

All resources for the lessons are posted at the bottom of the page.

Lesson 1:

Go back through the story by retelling with actions and picture prompts. Then have the sentences cut out. Help your child to read through the sentences and put the sentences in the correct order. Then children practise writing the part of the story that would come next. 


Lesson 2: 

Using the sentences, use one at a time to order the sentence so that it makes sense. Children can cut and stick the sentence and draw a picture that goes with that sentence. They can also write the sentence underneath too. 


Lesson 3 and 4: 

Over the next 2 lessons children would practise writing a sentence to go with each picture with an adult to then finally writing a sentence for each picture on their own. Remembering full stops and capital letters. Children can have the pictures stuck onto their paper to help them when writing. If children would like to write more this is great too.