Kindness Charity Collection, opens Friday 29th April - All items collected will be donated to Shepway Food Bank and the Rainbow Centre.
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Week One and Two


During the next 2 weeks we will be reading the Traditional Tale, 'The Little Red Hen'. You can share the story with your child following the link below.

You Tube


In the story the Little Red Hen asks the animals on the farm to help her. The animals are not very kind. We have set you some challenges to complete this week about the story. We look forward to seeing your learning.


Challenge 1 - Draw a picture of the animals in the story and label them. Can you say the sounds? For example, say the sounds in hen - h...e...n. Say the sounds in dog - d...o...g.  Say the sounds in cat - c...a...t. Say the sounds in duck -


Challenge 2 - Make puppets of the animals in the story. You could draw them, cut them out and use card or a stick to make them in to puppets. Use your puppets to retell the story. How much of it can you remember?


Challenge 3 - Make a farm for the animals in the story. You could use Lego, wooden blocks or even cardboard boxes. 


Challenge 4 - The animals in the story are not very helpful or kind. Can you help your family with jobs at home. For example you could make your bed each morning or tidy away your toys.


Challenge 5 - At the end of the story the Little Red Hen makes some bread.

Make some sandwiches for your family. What are their favourite sandwiches?

Follow these instructions.

1. Butter the bread.

2. Add the fillings.

3. Make the sandwich.

4. Cut it in half.

Have a go at writing or draw the instructions with some help.

Week 3 Challenges


SuperTATO!!!!!!!!  We will look at an unlikely super hero! called SUPERTATO! be creative with other super heroes and invent our own?!





Supertato - Books Alive! Read Aloud book for kids

Books Alive! Read aloud the first instalment of the ground breaking, earth shattering superhero franchise - SUPERTATO! By Sue Hendra and Paul LinnetMore funn...

Week 4 Challenges


Watch Verity from Panther class set you a challenge this week. 

Boat/Raft Challenge

Here is another challenge for you! Can you make something that will float on water? It is completely up to you what you choose to make it with - I chose stic...

Week 5 challenge: the cereal box challenge

What can you make with an empty cereal box?

Week 6 : Art Scribble Challenge

Join Verity in making a Art Scribble characters