If your child is exhibiting ANY of the 3 main symptoms of Covid-19: a high temperature above 38, a new, continuous cough or a loss of or change to sense of smell or taste, please call 119 to organise a test as soon as possible. You and your family must isolate until the results of the test are received.
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Butterfly Mixed Years

Welcome to Butterfly Class


We hope that you are staying healthy and finding a new routine at home - please let the children know that we miss them!

We will be posting activities here, on our class page for you to try with children if you have the time.


Any physical activities that you can do in a day all help enormously as you know. So any opportunities for standing, sitting with the least amount of support possible, kneeling, walking, tummy time are all great. They all enjoy hand/arm and foot/leg massages too. If you can enlist the help of a sibling, it is always nice to massage both hands/arms or feet/legs at the same time. This can be especially useful for those children that have a very dominant side.


Should you have any questions or need to contact us, please do not hesitate to email us on or We are checking our emails regularly.

Activity 1

** New Sound Story**

Please find a 'washing' sound story attached below. As before, the idea here is that language is minimal so children can concentrate on the sounds. Ideally the room needs to be as quiet as possible while you're reading the story (we appreciate this may be difficult!). This was our sound story in Autumn Term 2019 so it will be interesting for you to see if children show recognition of the story or even anticipation.

Before starting the story, you can let them know that a story is coming by letting them feel or see a book. And then, at school, we say "we're going to use our ears" while touching their ears. This will help children tune in to their learning.

Have fun!

 Activity 2 - New!!


Art and Sensory Play

Recipes and ideas to engage learners in sensory play


Salt dough playdough

1 cup flour

Half cup of salt

A few drops of vegetable oil

Food colouring or paint

Optional - Spices such as vanilla or mint (use toothpaste!) These add an extra sensory element to your dough. 

Mix all the ingredients together to create a firm dough which is a fun way to exercise hands and fingers when pressing, pinching, or rolling it to make it into shapes. The dough will keep for around a week if in the fridge and wrapped in cling film.


Cornflour Sensory Play

1 cup cornflour and some water

Food colour or paint

The idea is to mix the cornflour and water to a point where it is just runny and wet enough to mix but becomes solid again after touched. Many children loves this sensory feeling!

Activity 3


Sensory Exploration



In class we enjoy exploring lots of different and new textures as part of different activities.


Cooking is a lovely messy play/sensory activity that we enjoy together at school. Whilst cooking dinner, the children could sit nearby (at a safe distance!) so they hear and smell what's going on. If a sibling is available, they could explore the textures, smells and tastes (where appropriate) of anything that you are using to cook, together e.g. dry pasta/cooked, cooled pasta, tomato sauce.






Activity 4


Outdoor learning


If you have access to an outdoor space and it is safe to do so then enjoy being outside, get some fresh air and explore!


Windy days are great for windmills, bubbles or any light fabric that will move in the breeze. Many of our children love being beneath trees when it's windy as it creates a fantastic sensory experience of sound and movement.


Sunny days are perfect for water and sand play. Even if you don't have access to a paddling pool, children will enjoy splashing their hands or feet in a bowl of water. Try splashing the water first (before the children play in it) so they can hear the sound and begin to prepare for the fun!


The sound of rain as you sit under an umbrella on a rainy day is a great sensory experience.



Activity 5


Simon Says


Body awareness

At home enjoy some fun interacting games with family members. A favourite at school is 'Simon Says' (or you can use any name e.g. 'mum says', etc) Its another fun way we can work on our stretching. 


Either independently or with support try....

Touch your nose

Touch your ears

Clap your hands

Touch or eye point to your feet

Make a noise

Touch the top of your head

Give someone a high five.



Activity 6




Making noise and exploring sound


Explore everything around you!


Make fun with house hold utensils and objects, for example, children can work on their fine motor skills by being presented with a range of different objects  - can they pick them up and drop them on the floor?

Which one is the loudest?


Can they hold one object and hit it into another, for example, using sticks or wooden spoons and hitting them onto pans to make sounds?

In Butterfly Class we develop our skills through personalised learning journeys. We work towards our EHCP outcomes through a sensory based curriculum that is carefully planned to ensure we are engaged and having fun. 

The slideshow below gives a flavour of some of the learning that goes on in Butterfly Class.

A group of children will be visiting Wingham Wildlife all day on a Monday and on Wednesday they will visit the Sensory Room in Folkestone. The second group of children will have their trip to the Sensory Room on a Thursday.


Both KS1 and KS2 children continue to enjoy their Thursday trips to the local Farmer's Market. The community love to see the children and are always very keen for the children to 'show-off' their communication devices! Music Therapy will  be on a Thursday and Forest School on a Friday. When it is too muddy for wheelchairs at Forest School, we will visit the Sensory Garden.


Our story this term will be based on a seasonal walk and children will be out and about around the schools grounds experiencing the change from Winter to Spring! Intensive Interaction and Discovery sessions will continue. 


Children are enjoying a weekly hydro session.