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Buster's Book Club

Buster's Book Club - Welcome Back

Although Buster's Book Club looks slightly different at least for the Autumn/Winter Terms, books will still be coming home for you to enjoy with your child and encourage the love of reading. Please return the books to school after they have been read.


Dear Parent/Carer


May I take this opportunity to welcome your child’s class on board our exciting school initiative Buster’s Book Club. The scheme, now in its fourth year, is run in partnership with Kent County Council, Medway Council and the KM Charity Team and is supported by the KM Media Group.

The aim of the scheme is to encourage your child to read more and that this extra reading should be of literature they really enjoy. We know from research that reading for an extended time from a text of their own choosing can have an impact on a child’s academic progress. Reading is the most important and fundamental activity which impacts on our future life chances.


How the scheme works:

In your child’s contact book you will see a special bookmark which I want you to use to tell us how much your child reads on each Wednesday. I need you to write the date and the number of minutes of reading on the bookmark – nice and easy!

Every Thursday we will look at the bookmark and add up the scores to see which class has come top. We will also conduct a “hands up” survey in class to ask the children about their reading and to see how many children exceeded their target.



Your Child’s target

As your child moves through the school their reading target will grow. In reception and Year One they should aim to read (or share a book) for 10 mins per day. In Years 2 and 3 it is 15 mins per day and in Years 4, 5, 6 it is 20 mins per day.


What type of reading is counted?

This needs to be fun for your child so reading magazines and comics count towards their target as well as more traditional books. Also, when you or a family member reads to your child that will count, as does your child listening to an audio book. You can have a mix of any of the above to meet or exceed the target.

Your child’s class and the entire school will be involved in a number of competitive challenge events with the aim of setting a new record for the number of minutes of reading achieved this academic year.

To make this a success I need your help.


Let me explain:

  • Each week the Reader’s of the Week Award will be announced in school assembly by the head teacher. Your child’s involvement is critical to help the class win this important award.
  • During the term the reading figures from each class will go forward to a district challenge with great prizes available to the school that comes top. If your child gets involved our school has an excellent chance to win.
  • At the end of the academic year we will discover if all our efforts have helped set a new record for the number of minutes the children have been reading. Your child really could be a record breaker! Children who took part last year have exceeded 2.8 million minutes of reading!



Survey Day

Although we want your child to read every day our assessment only looks at the reading activity on a Wednesday. It is a snapshot survey which we conduct once a week. If you cannot hear your child read on a Wednesday for any reason you may use the reading figure for the previous day instead.


Top Tips

  • Encouragement and praise is paramount.
  • This should be an enjoyable activity.
  • If a quiet time can be found for reading, this will help your child meet their target.
  • Look for interesting new words and make a booklet or list.
  • Use phonics to work out new words.


Why Reading Matters

Your child’s ability to read is critical to their educational success and the job prospects that follow when they leave school. We want your child to be as happy and successful as they can be – and being a confident reader is key to this.


Phil Gallagher, who plays the role of Mister Maker in the CBeebies TV Programme, could visit our school if we win a home reading challenge. Find out more at