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Bobcat Class - Early Years

Welcome to Bobcat Class


Dear Parents


We are very sorry we have had to close to most pupils and understand that this will be a difficult time for everyone. First and foremost, we want everybody to be safe and stay well.


We understand that this will be a difficult time for some children so please find the attached Social Story to read to your child to help them to cope



I will also be uploading some ideas every Monday for you to do throughout the week with your child at home.


I would love for our class to still stay connected during this time so please feel free to send any photo’s of your child taking part in these activities to the following email for us to upload onto our class website page.

Email photos to -

Reference: BOBCATS


Remember to stay safe and enjoy the time together and we hope to see you soon.



This week the theme is 'People Who Help Us'. This is a really fun theme and a really great way to learn lots of new vocabulary. You may have lots of toys, teddies and small world figures at home which are related to this theme so this is a great week to engage in lots of imaginary play. You may also have some dressing up costumes which relate to this theme and may want to engage in some role play activities if so. It may be a fun opportunity to make a range of role play resources and signs and labels. We hope you find the activities and learning links helpful this week. If you would like more information about this topic please contact us and we will be happy to help you. 


This week is a great time to engage in lots of imaginary play activities, which can be done both inside and outside depending on your preference. We have included a range of useful photographs below to give you lots of ideas for your role play or small world play. You could also have a go at drawing some of the people who help us too. The photograph pack and flash cards are listed below. 

We have also included a set of number cards with illustrations of people who help us included on them. You may want to use them in the maths activity which is listed in this weeks planning or keep them to practise number recognition at another time. You may also want to try designing your own number flash cards too. The last document in the list is a word mat with all the words related to fire stations and fire fighters. You may want to use this when watching the episode of 'Something Special' from the planning document to remind you of some of the new key words. 



Hello Everyone, this week the theme for our learning is 'Castles'. It is a really fun and magical theme to learn about. Can you think of where you have seen or built a castle before? Have you ever been on a bouncy castle or tried building a sand castle? This is a great time to think about all the castles you already know. 

The activities this week involve lots of construction play and building which is a great chance to practise a range of play skills in a really practical way. There are also some exciting links to episodes and stories about castles available on the Cbeebies website which we will link below. Finally there is a really easy summer cooking idea which only requires 3 ingredients! Hopefully you will find an activity you would like to try at home, if you would like more of a certain activity or advice with another activity at home please contact us and we will be happy to help. Enjoy learning all about castles everyone! :) 


8th June -  This week our theme is ‘Mud'  


Making a mud area or mud kitchen may sound a bit confusing but really it is very simple and can provide hours of outdoor, or indoor fun. When learning about mud you can also begin to learn more about flowers, plants and even mini-beasts and animals.  There are lots of fun practical activities in the planning notes this week, also some useful links to audio stories and a yummy recipe all about chocolate mud pies to try at home. Hopefully you will find an activity that you would like to try, however, if you find there is an activity missing from the planning or if there is a specific activity you would like to know more about please contact us via and email and we will try our best to help. Have fun! 



How to make a mud kitchen

The PDF document is a guide to creating your own mud area or kitchen at home. There are lots of great ideas on how to do this and what resources you could use to help you. There are also lots of ideas on how you could extend play when exploring mud. There is also a document that lists useful learning links all about mud, there is a story about a worm, a song about muddy puddles and also an episode on CBEEBIES all about animals playing in the mud. All of these links can be accessed either using the CBEEBIES website or YOUTUBE from any device at home.  A fun challenge would be to research together which animals like to play in the mud and try and draw a picture of one of them. Have a look at this cute baby elephant in the picture below, he is having lots of fun splashing in a muddy puddle! 

Mud Kitchen learning links

This weeks recipes is 'Chocolate Mud Pies'. 


The recipes are really great because they allow you to be really flexible with the ingredients, and how you prepare and arrange your own mud pies. 


We have added pictures of the ingredients and some of the main resources you might need to make these yummy pies.


There are lots of practical activities for you to try in the documents above. However it is also great to practise some written tasks too, as you never know when the rain might come and make it hard to enjoy playing outdoors in the mud. Below there are links to a pencil control worksheet, a maths game and some photographs all about mud. Hopefully you will find them useful and most importantly lots of fun. :) 

Photos of Home Learning

Well done Ted! We hope you had a Great Birthday!
Great painting!
Good Engagement
Great work!
Great engagement and exploration
Well done for exploring a sensory toy!

The teacher in Bobcat Class is Joe. The teaching assistants are Abby, Kerry and Robin.


Bobcat Class is one of the six Early Years classes at our school and we highly value providing fun, playful and holistic experiences in which our children can learn from, developing a strong foundation for their future.

Please feel free to find out more about the Early Years approach and our curriculum from the document below.

Below are some photographs of our learning in Bobcat class.