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Bobcat Class - Early Years

Welcome to Bobcat Class


Dear Parents


We are very sorry we have had to close to most pupils and understand that this will be a difficult time for everyone. First and foremost, we want everybody to be safe and stay well.


We understand that this will be a difficult time for some children so please find the attached Social Story to read to your child to help them to cope



I will also be uploading some ideas every Monday for you to do throughout the week with your child at home.


I would love for our class to still stay connected during this time so please feel free to send any photo’s of your child taking part in these activities to the following email for us to upload onto our class website page.

Email photos to -

Reference: BOBCATS


Remember to stay safe and enjoy the time together and we hope to see you soon.

1st June -  This week our theme is ‘Water’. 


This theme is perfect to cool us down on these really beautiful, sunny days. There are lots of activities you may want to try on the list below. Have fun!


The first activity you may want to try at home is a creative mark making activity. This activity encourages us to mix water into our paint and explore how this changes both the colour and what the paint looks like. You can use any paint to do this, and any container you have at home to mix the paint into. You may want to try using the water paint on different textures like the ground, a piece of kitchen towel or cardboard you may have left over from food packaging.


A super fun maths activity is to wash a range of dishes. This activity is great to begin to introduce vocabulary such as full, empty, half full and half empty. You may also want to count how many plates or cups you have washed. Plates and cups come in lots of different shapes and sizes so it is a great way to begin to introduce the vocabulary related to size and to begin to name some shapes. Also the perfect time to practise our filling and emptying skills, a great way to develop our gross motor control.

You may want to set up a washing activity with your toys at home. This could be done inside using a sink or basin or outside using any container you might have. It is a great way to give your toys a clean and also to understand the difference between clean and dirty objects. You may like to practise washing mud off a certain toy and noticing the difference when you do. If you have toy cars you could set up your very own car wash and role play having a car wash shop. This would be a really fun imaginary play opportunity.

You could try making potions this week too. All you need is a container or bowl, water, and whatever you can find to throw in. Using petals and leaves is a great idea as they are free and make your potion look especially magical. If you have any food colouring at home this is a great thing you could mix into the potion and discuss what happens when you do. Also if you have any special scents at home you could add these to make potion making a multi-sensory experience.

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Photos of Home Learning

Photos of Home Learning 1 Well done Ted! We hope you had a Great Birthday!
Photos of Home Learning 2 Great painting!
Photos of Home Learning 3 Good Engagement
Photos of Home Learning 4 Great work!
Photos of Home Learning 5 Great engagement and exploration
Photos of Home Learning 6 Well done for exploring a sensory toy!
Photos of Home Learning 7
Photos of Home Learning 8
Photos of Home Learning 9

The teacher in Bobcat Class is Joe. The teaching assistants are Abby, Kerry and Robin.


Bobcat Class is one of the six Early Years classes at our school and we highly value providing fun, playful and holistic experiences in which our children can learn from, developing a strong foundation for their future.

Please feel free to find out more about the Early Years approach and our curriculum from the document below.

Below are some photographs of our learning in Bobcat class.