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Activities to Support Children's Well Being

Activities to Support Children's Well-Being


Wellbeing is so important to the overall health of our children. It will help them to successfully overcome difficulties and achieve what they want out of life.


Here we will share some excellent resources and websites to help you support and promote well-being to your child at home. 



In the following documents you will find a number of different activities that you can use at home with your child to support their Well-Being.

Well Being activities for children up to the age of 7

Well Being activities for children up to the age of 11

The Dot by Peter H Reynolds : a wonderful story about art and creativity for kids

Read Aloud | My Strong Mind | Social Emotional Videos for Kids | Books for Kids | Kids Books

Hot Chocolate Breathing (Cocoa)


Whether you use your imagination or make a real Hot Chocolate drink, this technique is great for calming little ones down. 

Bubble breathing



20 minutes


You will need:

  • A bowl 
  • A whisk or spoon 
  • Sugar  
  • A cup 
  • Water 
  • Washing up liquid 
  • 4 cups warm water 
  • 1/2 cup sugar 
  • 1/2 cup washing up liquid 



Blowing bubbles is great fun, and it has an added benefit too – the deep breathing required to blow bubbles can help you to relax and feel calm. 

 ‘Bubble breathing’ can even be done without the bubbles, any time you want to feel calm. Simply take a deep breath in through your nose, then breathe out slowly through your mouth with your lips small, as if you were going to blow a bubble. This kind of breathing leaves more room for fresh inhaled air. You can even imagine any worries you might have floating away like bubbles.   




1. Whisk the sugar into the warm water until the sugar dissolves. 


2. Add the washing up liquid and stir to combine. 


3. Let it sit for a while. This step is only if you are patient enough to wait – letting the bubble mixture sit for a couple of hours helps them work a bit better, but is not essential.  


4.Find some things to blow your bubbles with – you might have an old bubble wand, but if not, try some objects you might have around the house. We used a hairband and a biscuit cutter! Our best bubbles came from a pipe cleaner which we twisted into a homemade bubble wand.  


5.Now it’s time to blow some bubbles! 


Resources to improve your child's wellbeing during the Pandemic


At this moment we're all feeling less secure and missing our usual routines. However, just as doing exercise helps our physical health, you and your child can do activities to boost their mental health.


Useful websites 


Here are some sueful websites that have activity ideas for you and your child