We welcome all children back to Whitfield Aspen School from Monday March 8th
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1 School : 2 Sites - Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for all of the responses that were received in response to the

'One School Two Sites' questionnaire that was sent out.


Please find below information relating to some of the commonly asked questions.


This will be updated and added to as we move forward.

  •  Timings for the start and end of the school day at each site.


       We have thought long and hard about the school start and finish times for the two sites; consulting

       with the travel committee and KCC. We have decided that we are going to open both sites for

       drop-off in the morning from 08:40 – 09:00. This will allow you, as parents with knowledge of local

       roads and traffic, to choose your routes and order of drop-off. Pick-up will follow a similar theme.

       We will open both sites from 15:00 – 15:20. However, we will allow parents who have children on

       both sites priority pick-up from the first site.


       Parents of children in Special Provision classes, who send their children by taxi / mini bus will have

       their times for pick-up and drop-off confirmed once we have a confirmed opening date for the

       Richmond site, by the transport provider. Those parents who walk or transport their children using

       their own cars will keep to their current timings.


  • Before and After School Provision.


       There will be a breakfast Club and After School Club on both sites, the timings for these will be                     made available once the opening date for the Richmond site has been confirmed.


  • Mayfield and Richmond Site Class List

       Classes will be arranged across the two sites as follows.


       Mayfield Site                                       Richmond Site

       Year 3                                                  Year 6

       Year 2                                                  Year 5

       Year 1                                                   Year 4

       Year R                                                  Chameleon 

       Fireflies                                               Eagle

       Bobcats                                                Panther

       Badger                                                  Puffin

       Raccoon                                                Bluebirds

      Starfish                                                Butterflies



  • Access to Richmond Park Site


       By foot: There is a new crossing point across Archers Court Road after the Cranleigh Drive turning

       as you head out of the village. From here there is a pathway that follows along the side of the two

       properties, bearing round to the left and a gated entrance to the Richmond Park site.


       By car: Access to the Richmond site is from the A256, through the new Richmond Park housing